black lives matter

This man is a racist and fascist!!!

Don’t have much to say myself about it, he just said it perfectly and he is
the one that has lived it. He does look people as individuals not as groups
and the last sentence he said, or one of the last is the real deal.
“if you put your mind to it…” paraphrasing here, anyways it seems
I did have something short to say.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

black lives matter……na

This guy remembers me of Bass Reeves ( check that black
guy if you want) And this is the sherrif, now get into
a “converstaion” with me, no insults….or you can insult
me but i´m physically dead tired, still get you on though
. So if you have timelisten to the BLACK shriff, at least the man
has common sense
plus he scares the shit out of me. (in a good way)