U.S marines/Grateful-promotion

This post serves two purposes. I’ve written before
I had two friends that joined the USMC after 9/11. So I lean more towards that branch
of the U.S Military. So happy birthday 3 days earlier to the USMC which is on the 10th
of this month.

The second purpose it is to promote my first poetry book published, thanks to
Thursday Doors (& Poetry book by Charly Priest)
who edited it,classified the poems by category, made the cover, put it up on amazon,
she did everything really, without asking nothing in return. She’s an angel.
I also have to give thanks to what I think is the first person who bought it,
apart from my mother. I can also call this person who’s blog is fascinating history
a friend, a virtual one, but a friend. I’m a history buff myself and specially
about the U.S military so I have been following him and commenting for quite some
years I would say at this point. He made a review of my poetry book at the end
of what he posted today. I find what he writes about the military fascinating,
little details that you wouldn’t see in a documentary and about the famous “Smitty”.
So thank you a lot to GP for putting up a review on your post of my poetry book.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

Blog, kill bunnies,kids march… I´m on a rant!

Rant one I saw the other day a post that was talking about what to do after
you hit the little button ¨Publish¨. Meaning that for this person she is waiting to see all
the LIKES, FOLLOwS,COMMENTARIES, STAT´S. Really? What the fuck, I normally have read quite
a lot of posts before I hit publish, there are days and weeks that I don´t even publish,
lately yes, but I truthfully rarely look my stats (most likely is because I´m lazy).
I hit publish and keep on reading others and make my little notes that I may or may not
use later on. When that freaky bell we have on our top right gets illuminated bright orange,
after I put on my dark shades I´ll see what is up, but not in a hurry.
If this would be my stress then I´m truly screwed in life. What a fucking post…

Rant two Kill those bastards! Yes the Little cute bunnies. People have them
as pets? I can´t believe that shit, they even have pigs as pets, that would be good for me though,
wouldn´t have to spend money on meat. I´d just adopt pigs and bunnies kill them in the
living room and eat them while watching the ¨dog whisperer¨. Fucking bunnies here in a region
of Spain the population has grown so much they have eaten all the grass so now
they go after the crops of the farmers. Literally,they have put thousands of farmers out of work,
forget about the government taxing them and their products to an extreme which translates
for the consumer to buy that product at a higher price in my cool socialist country Spain.
I think the cute bunnies work for the government. Just kill a lot of them.
Or hire me, I´m a pretty good shot.I can make myself a mercenary of the war against rabbits.

Rant three This famous kids march 3 days ago….against global warming.
In 115 countries. They skipped school to go for themselves to that march, so that was
intelligent of them. Did they drive themselves there? Point being it is a very well
organized effort and my guess is not by 12-16 or whatever year old kids. I won´t get
into the global warming argument (although in most of the pictures I did see all the
little kids with wearing t-shirt….). I think is disgusting to use kids as props to push
an ideological agenda, kids that are being indoctrinated since their minds are not fully
formed and informed about the issue. Again, using them as props and saying the ¨kids march¨
as if they themselves got together, drove by buses, made all the show happened.
Whatever your position is on the subject… really think is good to exploit kids?

Wooooooo! Now I feel better, my anxiety level has lowered, going to smoke a cigarette,
just to pollute a bit the air.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The prompt!!!

O.k,here I go found this other prompt also interesting since it was deep. So I´ll try myself to be deep. That´s going to be a challenge.

Here it is“Wish you could change your past? Learn to let go and create a life you love!!!” | Kruti Mehta which is a talented and full of of potential writer so…..hit it!

1) What I absolutely love in life? So just one pick? I´ll give it a shot. I love my family don´t know how in the world have they taken me back at age 30, but I´m quite certain that if I hadn´t entered the ICU and been diagnose with severe pancreatitis I would have never re established my relationship with them. And chances that I´d be dead by now are quite real.

2)What are my greatest accomplishments in life so far? Staying sober. That´s a fucking battle day in day out. No break, even worst than military discipline.

3)What would I stand for if I knew no one would judge me? That´s a hard one for me, I do suffer from a condition, a chronic one named “shameless”, so I really don´t give a fuck what people say about me in a negative way. I can´t figure this one out, holy shit. I don´t care what people think of me. I´ve been staring at the screen for a couple of minutes and nothing has popped up in my little head. Maybe peace in the world would be a nice answer, but not really I stand for that(it´s just impossible to ever be peace if your realistic about it you can hope all you want but then there is reality) since I´ve actually contributed to completely the opposite. That´s fucked up that I really can´t come up with an answer. I just stand for what I belief regardless of who judges me.

4)If my life had absolutely no limits and I could have it all and do whatever I wanted, what would I choose to have an what would I choose to do? I would choose to have a pretty lovable funny smart wife, two kids a girl and a boy and I might as well just add a house in the prairie. I´d definitely choose to write and earn a living with it.

5)What would I do if I had one billion dollars? Buy myself a woman with the same characteristics  I stated in number 4 including the two kids but instead of a house just a mansion in the prairie. Help returning veterans integrate themselves back into civilian life. Give some dough to my parents. Help Alcohol and drug addicts. Create a magic pill that will make you vomit if you drink alcohol or take drugs.

6) Who do you admire most in the world? Sounds cliché, but it is my parents without a doubt.

So here it is my prompt from other prompt….? Man, that didn´t sound deep at all. Maybe check out what the other person said since I´m quite certain he or she, you can never be sure who you are talking through this internet thing….just kidding. Anyways, she actually did write a more profound and deep blog.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



Power Blogger!!

DownloadedFile-1 That sentence is for cowards we are strong look!!images-4 Fist fighting our blogging way out of things and expressing things and communicating with each others, look again how we communicate and how powerful we are. We´re going to become the masters of the universe no more news agencies because of us!images-5 You see your face someplace in there? I do, mine is right in the middle. Whole bunch of people from a whole bunch of different backgrounds expressing themselves, communicating with each other and you can even make friends. Who in the world would have told me over a year ago that I would have 100000000 followers and people that I have virtual relationship with and that I learn from, and that are interesting each in his or her own way. That´s pretty cool if you ask me at age 31, who pretty much recently decided to enter into social media. What would we do without it….DownloadedFile. Even God I think is please by this, his message is spread much more quicker to a broader audience instead of having the Apostoles walk up and down mother earth preaching. Now you just type it out sitting downimages-11 pure love emanated from it also. Then once in a while……images-9 you do have some strange encounter. I just hope that I  don´t end up like my friend Joe Doe over hereimages-1 Although I got to give it to Joe, I do want to have that mean beard and his hair too since I´m loosing mine. Hope all  you guys don´t end up like my friend Joe but I will say this you better stay on your toes since I have my other friend…images-6 yep, he´s Danny Sunshine, and he´s a mean writing machine. Forgot and what about images-10moms, now they can vent their frustrations against their kids by cursing them out in their blogs. No need for physical therapy like I had as a child, little smack in the back of the head here and there. Probably I should have needed more now that I come to think about it. So you people are strong like a rock and soon you know who´s going to need your help?images-7 Yep, uncle Sam over here. No army thing or nothing, we will fight wars with blogging words. So you´ll probably receive your draft notice in a near future.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, fellow bloggers.