Killer wasp

Sitting in front of the computer,
suddenly I hear “buzzzzzz!”.
I just cuss, and swap at it….with my hand!
Great idea with mental diarrhea.
I can see her eyes, her teeth, and suddenly
I feel like a sting but no, it’s her teeth on
my middle finger and I know she’s been through the wringer,
blood splatters over my computer, two minutes later
the cool medic animator has pronounced me dead for loss
of my precious blood now made a sauce wich the killer wasp
is at task drinking.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

You dumb shit

Lets get my aggravation
to a peaceful nation
wich is seems it’s writing
instead of fighting
although…. I can still fuck you up good.

So the point, there is no point, it seems I talk
or write with a smart and funny girl through wordpress
and this guy, this dumb shit says apart from other things
“don’t hurt her”, what the fuck you dumb idiot, we are just
having a converation and she and me like to bullshit,
what is this idiot commenting on my blog, I write poems, if
you can call it that, I’m not here on a date, pisses me off
these dumb shit, specially it seems that he is a bit to say
the least of controlling type of person, so as I told him…
you just fucked with wrong guy, I also said some other explicit words
so for you, you see my face there you fuck head? And that fight took place
with a guy that was 2 meters by two, big guy, and he didn’t knock me out,
I was still standing and bleeding at the end, so no sir, you’re dumb shit
and a bit weird getting into conversations that has nothing to do with your

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.