Where is my mind.(prompt)

What the hell? water more water beautiful sunset but what the hell what´s up with this, where the hell am I at, freaking stairs gotta get out of here, is this a ship,man!

Hey yo!

What sir?

Sir? What´s up with your clothes man you look like one of my history cartoons that I draw in the class, stupid history class brother.


Are you dumb or dumber? What the… where am I?

This is La Coronita, my name is Columbus.

You´re name is what? Man! This can´t be happening.

Yes, we have discovered the new world.

New what? what world? You nut job! Columbus, as in Christopher Columbus?

Yes, that is correct sir, that is my name.

You just discovered the U.S not India or a new world it was already…. screw it.

Excuse me sir?

AAAAAAAAA! Holy shit. That was a bad dream.