bull dog

the notorious

She is the notorious,
quite obvious.
She is a bulldog,
as you obviously I show.
She is, well…. a pain in the ass,
I was only cutting grass.
But time passes and I fucking miss the crazy dog
No girls, no women with teeties, or boobs can replace,
the fucking NOTORIOUS, myyyy woman.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I have ADHD

Hi guys and gals, I have been diagnosed by this idiot with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. But I think I’m normal.
Why should I listen to him when I’m biting his shoes? Or why should I listen to him or anybody
when I go into my “crazy” mode, well that is how he calls it and start running round and round and round
and hitting myself with the walls. No brother Charly, you are wrong.

He did tell me to say to Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, but screw him I’m not his slave, so see ya guys and gals.
I’m Tina by the way, just a little slip up to not introduce myself at the beginning but that does not mean
attention deficit.

Devil dog

Yep, she is saying hello.

There is a saying that goes like this “To his dog, every man is Napoleon.”

It’s a great saying, like my dog….

1- She steals my food from the table
2-She barks at me when I’m sleeping in my room
3-She barks at me when she hears me wake up and go to the bathroom
4-She bites my feet
5- She actually bites pieces of the wall

And that is just a couple of examples.

So I actually don’t feel like Napoleon, so who the F came up with that saying?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

For you lady

IMG_1477IMG_1472IMG_1385IMG_1227DownloadedFileimages-19Foto 105
All for the photos, and that is for mom, I think she obviousoly rmember those, not me in the uniform,
but the rest…you bet, hey mom! Remember those two dogs over there…. I was taking care of them, or maybe
not all that much but you know I have to say that in public.
Then we got this crazy ass girldscn2866
Freaking nutcase this one, do you only get dogs that are weird or what! Maybe like the so called kid.img_1061
That is not me……this is me, but you know the kidFoto 352
hold itDSCN2468 Remember this one…..
Anyways, fuck all that shit, since we are lloking in the future so i think this is the one, I guess
but I can be a bit of a mess…
love ya….sista!!!

Yo, just chillin….

I just watching the U.S Presidential inaguration,
Just chilling here waiting for a margarita dscn2899
I see people like thisimages-2
and people like that images-1
Yo, I’m just chillin, hey Charly! bring me the Margarita and a cigarette will ya!
I want a drink
to think
let me begin
with my rapin
tired now
wanna eat a cow
my name is Tina
the cool dog
that ate a frog

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Glory hounds

I was in the infantry, say combat and did what I had to do-
Point being, the psychologist told me not to see this things,
but apart from the human tragedy I lured that is also the freaking
dogs that sniff that shit My only dog, she is something, and
ever time I see her is relaxing. So maybe this idiots (psychologist)
have a point.
So this is what I´m seeing right now at 12 a.m in the night

And this is what I see tomorrow, which to tell the truth I can´t wait..
and her
All the other veterans out there, this things do work. At least for me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.