Hard at work in the garden

Hey, before I start I should say that I had been cutting trees,
fighting with roses and you can’t even believe what I had to go through.
Anyways so here is the photo of my mothers bulldog wich I feel quite related to her, she’s even more lazy than me.

But as you all know she has to get her ass out of the ground
so, I got to this conclusion that my family is
a bit of sociopaths so they make her do this

Dog abuse.

But as she’s no dummy then that little bastard gets this

Her teeth are whiter than mine.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Have a great weekend.

I can’t believe it

Yes, you see that freaking monster. My mother bought her one of those beds made by NASA but for dogs!!
The freaking dog sleeps in a better bed than I do.
Guess what, the monster was taken to what I call “massage parlor” for dogs. I didn’t even know they existed,
they givee them with special products since these bulldogs are very special, in the sense that they have a lot
of skin problems, massage them, bath them, Jesus….. They’re more delicate than my barbie….sorry the
secret is out.
I can’t believe how this dog lives……. she even eats the same food that we do, no wonder she later doesn’t
want to eat the dog food.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I’m sexy Tina!!

You like my teeth?!! You better, I’m the friend of Charly the Priest

is freaking hot here…..

just taking a nap now
sayyyy, wow!!!

I feel alone now,
and then this idiot comes around

That is not violece by the way, although I hope he is O.K
Let me see what I have here…..

Yep, mother is the great rather in stranger artinwhe….. so that rhymed.
And to top it,

The idiot thinks I’m with him…. damn with these humans.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Dogs of war

So yes, you got me here, since I discovered this YouTube thing, is quite nice really,
I can watch all kinds of things, also literature videos too.
So yes, you got me, I was watching a documentary called ” glory hounds”
wich was quite interesting how these guys treat their dogs, didn’t happen in
the Spanish army I can guarantee that.

The dog of my mother….well she is a pain in the neck,
and she actually eats your toes and guess what, the walls!

So she is not a dog of war, but when I’m around her I actually feel good.

The saying goes Dogs never lie about love

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hi guys

Hi, my name is Tina,
I already introduced myself once or twice what’s with that?
So here I am chillin with my buddy
Man, the poor dude is loosing hair and he put on several or quite a lot
of severals pounds since he stopped drinking, but he says he is sexy….
I don’t know, it’s so and so.
At least the other day he gave me his food
O, and new ball for me to ripp apart
He’s not all that bad of an owner, still the poor bastard needs some improvement,
he never knows when I talk with him what I want, if I want to go pee or poppo, he seems
to day dream quite a bit
I think he goes in a catatonic state. I wonder….
Anyways I’m going back to sleep

He told me to say…. Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
What the hell does that mean?

Let me introduce myself

Hi ladies and gentleman, specially gentlemen…DSCN2835
My name is Tina, the idiots of my handlers, ha, they think they are
able to handle me, bunch of troglodytes, well these idiots called me
Tina after the singer Tina Turner. That bitch, I´m way better looking
than her, check me out boys, e-mail me and I´ll give you my Facebook
page, but only for the hot gentlemen.DSCN2829
They keep taking photos of me, you like my teeth? White as pearls.
And the other day, that Charly guy, stupid idiot tried to confuse me
thinking that my pal to your left of the picture was actually a true one
like me, see?DSCN2800
That Charly, crazy…. I think he was drunk as a skunk,the imbecile thought
I thought that the ugly teddy bear was for real, yo Charly! Shout out to
you, you dumb sucker.
I just like to make his life miserable, I bite him everywhere and at every
opportunity I have, he has to learn to know who wears the pants in this
new relationship, yo yo yo!!! Me, I´m the queen baby!
Poor bastard tried to put a barrier around him while he was
pretending he was writing in that stupid computer of his that
gets internet whenever it wants to get it, even the computer owns
him, ha! Anyways he put this stupid barrierDSCN2833
but I got through, I always find holes and if not I bite myself through
walls if need be. It was a bit tiring so then I had a great
spanish siestaDSCN2838 I´m an English Bulldog, used to cold and rainy weather,
but I love the spanish siesta, one of the few things I like about
this country, it´s freaking hot here.
Anyways, glad to meet you all and……yo boys! Give me your cellphones,
I´m getting bored of being in this house all day.