cecil the lion

Cecil Cecil !!!! the lion rant

America is angered they are staggered they want blood and revenge for the act
of cruelty of killing poor Cecil. Agreed, not something I would do nor think is right,
I know it´s a big industry and the rest.
if I hunt, and I have, I do eat what I hunt, gut it and fry it. The old way.

Poor Cecil , by the way aren´t there other lions out there that are killed by their own
or lions who kill the little cute puppies of their own.

Point being, I´m fucking tired of hearing people moan about a freaking lion. Yes, it was
not a good thing to do but get your priorities straight will you. What about those videos
that has surfaced that show Planned Parenthood literally dismembering fetus, you know
as in little human being where they discuss how much is the heart going to cost, and a leg,
arm, e.t.c. They say is for advancement of science….well you have to admit then that the so
called fetus is a real person since they´re chopping of his or her little parts to then make a profit
from it. And that is fucking disgusting.

What about all the problems in the middle east with terrorism.

What about the great deal with Iran, I think they Ayatollas or however the hell you spell the name of
those nutcases, they are rolling in laughter. Came out the other day that neither American nor Canadian
inspectors will  be aloud to go into inspect, also the UN part that is suppose to monitor these idiots have
an independent agreement with Iran than what the U.S a.k.a Mr. Obama, has made. Lifting sanctions giving
them billions and I´m sure they will use it for health care, gay rights, and humanitarian aid. What a joke.

What about hunger in Africa, how can we help  other humans live a better life? But nope
forget about all those things…..Cecil.

And here we are, everybody mourning Cecil. And my theory is quite simple. It´s morally easy to do so.
But when faced with issues like you see with Planned Parenthood or issues of terrorism and how to deal
with it let alone letting a bunch of nutcases that after the deal was struck to lift sanctions in Iran so they can get easier the A bomb the same day they are shouting in the streets ” death to America” Great deal this one.
But nope, forget about that, it´s poor Cecil. Since it´s morally easy to do so, and not so morally easy to face
the others. And that is cowardly, which I fucking hate cowards and also hypocrites, that their moral compass
is a bit to say the least screwed up and priorities are up their ass.

Did I piss anybody off? Maybe I loose some readers…what can you do. My father always said “that if you don´t have
enemies, then you are doing something really wrong with your life.” Like for example in this case not to write
what I think is the real problem.

R.I.P my dear Cecil, you have the whole planet with you. And ofcourse we should hang the hunter.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses