cell phones

Modern cell phone

Foto 366

Hey! gents and gentesses, I got something for you,
what you are seeing is the new cell Apple that just got out,
which maybe is a bit unknown and even smells like cologne.
It has internet, it also dictates verbally the alphabet
and even more it pays your debt.

Even more, since it´s a brick
and if you feel threaten, you can throw it to the guy and it will stick,
to a guy or a gal, and she doesn´t even have to be small.
It comes with a prepaid phone cared with 10000000000000000$ in,
eventually you talk so much that you end up in a spin.
People say… I pads, I phones, I…. IIIIII!!! I what? Idiots.

Screw those systems, they are some real germs.
You people really have to look to the future so, venture
and buy me this one, so you can be in the “in” modern technology.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.