In every girl´s life….(prompt)

fwf-kellie-elmore-badge Yet again a great prompt from…… #FWF Free Write Friday: Quote Prompt | Kellie Elmorea


So here is the Promptfwf2.

It was the summer of 1997 and little me was barely 15 and I was out of my element. I was in another country, the great United States and being a kid that had never left his little town in Spain this was the equivalent of setting foot in the moon. The awe of everything; trees, houses, cars, hell they don´t drive with stick in this country they´re all are automatic cars!, school which leads to strange new specimens that where named people and I believe they are still are named that way. So there I was in the middle of it, looking at everything, my eyes darting from side to side my mouth open a little bit. I tried to tell myself that I was confident and had nothing to worry about.

I was sitting by myself in the school cafeteria, the new guy, Spanish guy, the bullfighter. Everyone that talked to me only said “You´re from Spain? Torero bullfighting” O.k I said to myself. No direct insults yet, we´re not all that bad. And  while I´m eating alone staring out the window with all the noise of all the hundreds of kids around me I hear a sound next to me. As I look to my left I see this brunette girl,not all that bad looking just staring at me with a smile on her face.

“So you´re the new guy from Spain?”

That´s it? I was used to hi how are you my name is…… Nothing like that. So I nodded and replied that yes I was the bullfighter. She seemed to find it funny. She looked to her left where all her girlfriends where seated. I guess she was the designated one or she designated herself to be the one to give a hard time to the new guy.  A boarding school in the middle of nowhere. A landscape so foreign to me like it must have been for those astronauts walking the moon. Except that this landscape had strange humans. It was June, and I was going to spend the summer there before I move on to another school, yet another place and yet again be a new guy in some place. This boarding school seemed it was for all the screw up kids that didn´t do well during the school year but their daddy´s like mine had money to put them through intensive courses so they would be better prepared for the next year. But they had already been here other years so they knew each other.

She asked me a couple of questions more, and I notice all her girlfriends giggling in the background. Then she said if I wanted to go out to the woods after lunch. What? No I thought, she must be planning a prank for the stupid new guy. But I finally said yes.

After lunch we entered into the forest and there they where, black berries! Never in my  life had I seen so many bushes with blackberries. She started running around and picking them up and throwing them at me and eating them at the same time. I thought this girl was nuts, Spanish girls didn´t do that normally. She saw my face which was probably the face of a person who has just seen a ghost. She laughed and came to me.

“Here” She held her hand and gave me a blackberry. I was skeptical, are these edible? I thought to myself.

“Don´t be scared, you look scared all the day.” She pushed her hand into my face with that black berry. So I ate it.

“What´s your name?” I finally asked, usually in Spain we introduce ourselves and then talk.

” Cindy.” And she started running again through the bushes and laughing and throwing these black berries at me. And me….just dodging the bombardment.

As the weeks passed we talked more, she had a boyfriend one of the cool kids. He thought I was an idiot, good thing was that after establishing myself that if you want to come and pick at me and physically put a hand on me your going to be getting hit back, the cool guys sort of left me alone. They would insult me, but thought twice or three times before getting into a brawl with me. But Cindy, there she was. There we where every afternoon in the black berry bushes and one day it happened and I felt her lips. That was our own private spot, for the afternoon that was our spot, our magical spot.

Time went and the summer ended, so did she, but she ended it with a letter, which I still have stored away in some place of the house. That was her, Cindy. The mysterious happy go lucky Cindy and I was her serious, the one she confessed all the things, friend semi lover Charly. I can´t say in every girls life….I was her dream boy, but something special happened since she could be hanging out with all of her other friends but she chose to hang out with me. And kiss me and show me other things. But her happy go lucky, nice personality is what struck me and my way of being was probably something she found in some way strange and nice to be around. And she was a one of the cool girls that had a lot of personality and a lot of heart, a heart that just led her to talk and be with me even though I was not popular.