The man that has sinned Penance will be pinned on him:

Thou shall not take the name of the lord thy God in vain
I did mention you in situations of the insane

Remember to keep holy the Lord´s Day
Much less than holy was my way on your day

Honor my father and my mother
I brought to them uncertainty and consternation rather

Thou shalt not kill
I over killed, although legally for a government wich is not your will

Thou shall not commit adultery
At one point I was jumping from woman to woman as if I won the lottery

Thou shall not steal
For a while that was my means for getting a meal

Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor
I have been known to cross someone in order for me to get to safe harbour

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor´s wife
Too much sex I had as it was the last day of my life

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor´s goods
At certain point I have been know to covet them to get out of even more darkest woods

Penance shall I endure
for am I not pure

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

GOD (poem)

Giving me guidance to me, the imperfect, I sure need it, hope you believe it and forgive it
Onother day that I look up to you, I always ask you for help when I´m in a bind I know is not right my mind
Doing me a favour everytime,why don´t you mind? Hope today YOU tell the truth since you are the real sleuth

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses have a great day.

Spiritually bankrupt.

images-4It all started somewhat like that this morning when I went to the bank. I was tired of hopping from one bus to another, waiting what seemed to be forever for those buses to pass by the bus stop and take me to near the hell hole a.k.a. bank. Forget about bad credit, it´s a useless credit by now. Plus the teller at the bank was an idiot who had no empathy towards me. Not even when I showed him my picture of me as a baby. I told him that I could manage to do several things at the same timeimages-13. No response from him. Just a blank stare. What an idiot. Then I went to the nearby church of my little town but it seems like they too are having some problemsimages-12. Not even the priest was there, he lied there was no message inside so I decided to call up the Pope and guess what? He´s having a ballimages-5, so he wasn´t of much help. In my confusion after seeing this in my own town, in my own countryimages-2 I decided to turn to another philosophy  and in came the greatimages-3 but after he told me that, and me just coming out of the bank feeling completely the opposite to the contrary if I had some money and stability, this just added to my confusion, dismay and ultimately anger so I called up my little friend and decided to take my revenge towards random people, specially youngsters in school. This is what I call tough loveimages-7 Not quite sure if they got the message by the way. I  then decided to call a hot line, not the typical one images-10 but nothing. It just sounded to my ear a monotonous voice with absolutely no heart. I had no strength left. I felt so down that I did start my own little crusade to make people aware of the dangers we faceimages-8But then I culdn´t but help eat a 1$ burger. It just looked so good. So I feel now like a hypocrite. So my last resort was to call my dear mommy up, we met and she showed me a picture of us she had in her walletimages-6and then I realised, some revelation came to me and I told the guy thisDownloadedFile-2,he looked like Gandi but he seemed a little more cool and and hipimagesThat dude, love him. Plus he lives in my town which is great! He just laughed at me and what my mother said suddenly came into perspective so I decided that my new motto would beimages-9 and found out there was actually a mathematical equation which was even more surprising to me, not kidding look it!images-14 That´s it. Trust me is a screwed up one, it takes a long time but after pounding my head against the wall over and over again I finally got it.

LOOOOOOVE. That´s the key to life.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.