clasical music

Sever and clear (over 18)

Things go nutty
I got now a boyfriend called Slutty
Kind of wussi
I still like to eat pussy
So… we sever and clear at the end
I bought a hen in the super of market,
it was alive so I had to sever the head and clear the corpse
hence the title of a chicken post
it is written, fortunately or unfortunately and I don´t give a shit
“puff puff” spit dance a beat or something

(I did say this outloud…jeesus christ, going off the cliff)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Green Day

Completely forgot about it
This is my hit
Green Day you know the music group?
If you don´t you are doing a coup!

(Went to my first concert in Spain to these guys, I do remember drunk as a skunk
being 12 and being part of the crowd as the the people moved you where
actually kind of moving in the air, lost track where my friend where,
those times no cell phones but we did manage to get together I thought
this was a great story…. that came to mind suddenly, weird and I do have a beird,
there ya go, out of here, Corona!) End parenthesis.
That experience seems to be too long ago. Nice song.