classic poetry

Anarchist talking about caviar

Go to 46.49 minutes, the whole thing is weird, or normal now a days.
Got a famous, I guess he is famous talking about.. just BS and hypocrite this one,
why do these Anarchist tell the rest of the people to be what they want them to to be?
I just haven´t seen a succesful anarchist person not telling me for example, how to
be succesfull. Just hypocrats these ones, bunch of A Holes, in the holes which if
they are in the holes is more dangereous, but this guy interviewing did set him
up at the end, quite smart this one obviously, but why does an Anarchist is talking about caviar?
44 minutes and 49 seconds. Check that one, funny or interesting or just scary funny

You kidding me

A 5.55 a.m thought, actually haven´t slept yet so I got my bad writing down.
Now watching (which is weird in its sense) 3 Navy Seals that one of them has
a podcast, this guy a Navy Seal is dummer than me. I was just pure infantry,
I do believe I got dummer with time, kind of weird again.
This nutcase is trying to sell knifes in his civilian world, custom knifes that is,
but you know the cool part? If someone next to you passes away and you have their ashes
he will incorporate the ashes into the knife. So that is great, my mothers ashes are stil
on hold with the insurance company until as a familly the patron dictates when she will
be burried and where after corona or during, who knows really. Hopefully mom is on hold,
which to tell you the truth I do remember her saying ” I don´t care when I´m dead, I want
results when I´m alive”. Try to follow my add, what is this fucking Seal saying about
putting the ashes into a knife handle? This guy is weirder than me. Yet it seems the other two
Seals got him, in a nice way that is. It is a legit podcast, so kind of weird seeing this
Navy Seal talking about his after military life how he puts ashes in knifes… each to his own,
but I don´t want the ashes of my mother, specially in a knife. What the fuck was that

I couldn´t be a spy

Every familly has the fucked up relative, in this case seems it´s me.
Did very good at certain things and then screwed myself.
I´m still wondering if a certain relative is a spy,
and I´m not going off cliff here. With all I heard as a kid in passing by,
the guy is a bit scary, so no wonder I was exposed to certain weird situations
to say the least, again, I am not going off the cliff, I am a dummy but
holy shit with this familly. Quite interesting, not me, them.
And you can´t reach them. Try, just don´t work. At this point I think….
think…. I got to get to sleep, maybe it is sleep deprevation talking…..
Anyways, ways, have a great day.

Just the magic

I was invited to leave the rent-a room
becuause of this that and just BS
Just worked my magic to not be tragic
Plus…..just follow the money for this person, and all of us really.
(Preaching to the quire, just wanted to keep it short the reasons she gave me
wold actually be more interesting for the reader, and the reasons behind it that were not said)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.