classic poetry

Feeling Good

Maybe the video(below) is not appropiate,
there is no regret,
tomorrow for good and for sorrow
going to be a good day feeling good,
get to see my mother that is dying,
that is reality
see old friends, maybe some army guys of my days,
yet again magic.
I´m back.
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!( I was shouting there…damn) hit it.

Deep conversation

Me- “It´s me give me a wicky”
Her-” What?”
Me-” a wicky!!!!!!” In the mentime there is another woman with her old mother passing by,
quite interesting what they must have thought.
Her-” Fuck you?”
Me- “yesssssss!!!!!”
Her- “why?”
Me- “My right hand is hurting too much”
Her- “From what?”
Me- “Really, o.k then I´ll say it outloud in the middle of the street with all the neighbours
listening, o.k o.k!!! My masturbation skills have gone array.”

Wholy shit with the whore

The title was not good to earing
but if you really hearing
you know what this and then that, is
This woman tried alredy once to put me in jail,
she did actually,

Next call I have is her say “your are denouced” also
she might say ” you got me pregnant” ,
happens quite too often when I never been with her
which she said,
in the cool text message ubserverd other poeple do read it and heard.
Get the fuck out of here bitch, still trying to go at it you?
Then with your Aids (those guyse are brave) plus the Corona,
basically start all the things YOU are stalking on top of YOU,
get the fuck out of here, not scaring this man. Little Punck.
Yes, Mirian Lorenzo Calero. You will be exposed since you already
exposed yourself by going into my father Facebook. You did it yourself.
By the way it was not very nice what you wrote. Now trying to destroy me?
No, sorry, I know it makes you mad not get your way to put me in prison,
I will put you in prison some way or another but don´t bother I´ll get to it.
I have the whit, the smarts, you will pay… no not me as this message you sent,
it wil be you in the long run. Long rung.. Dummy, under estimate the mate.

Why do people assume?

Why do people assume, my enemies
that would be her and these,
that I am miserable
they try,( doing subtly, they can´t face my face ugly)
just not in my head miracle
that is one principle.
Now with Corona Corona! Lock down,
Although in this house I live in the so called “landlord lady” what a bitch this one,
making money with my formal bitch ex girlfriend,
just in case you reaqd all this my friends it is for you,
Why do they assume that they can make me miserable?
Do they really understand who is who and me?
My head rides in the right direction
No depressing fiction
Kind of weird to you
Not to me. Have a nice day bitchess… talking to all those, women and men,
that calm I am and go in this whore house it has become.
Corona? Forget that Maddona, still happy in this situation,
including my mothers situation, and they will fuck me with that
you got the wrong hat,
YOU are the ones lucky. ( Really trust me on that one, shit faces smartless)
That rhyemed some.
I don´t know if they want me to pull off “the big guns”, and not talking about me
neither familly. They should pick that brick.
Yes, I am laughing, peace of mind not blinding.

The neighbourhood

Silence of people
It´s a drible
I do hear the freaking birds
These ones must have an interesing conversation
Or maybe writing a dissertation

The guy next to my house went a bit nutty and started playing the music too loud
Well, at least it was good music. I did have to put up my own music
so we are battling now with music. Holy shit with these Cheneese, they made us
battle with music to go a bit more nutty. Hope they don´t read this,
maybe got a virus so I just take a piss. Fortunately and unfortunately the brain
has had a long train.