classic poetry


I saw my stats and I saw I heard I maybe even bought….. Burundi!
Didn´t even check where the hell is that country, what continent or if it´s a country,
if i have a lot of views from Burundi…scares the shit out of me but at least it
provides me with some money.

Making Mundi
Friend of the old journalist (rest in peace) Runni

Good morning people, 7:36 a.m Spanish time, wrote a bit of my novel by this time
Now… taking wine. O shait, Buuuuurundi!!!!

I´m not done yet

Winston Churchill said “perseverance and perseverance!”
Or maybe it was my father yesterday to be,
Feeling down
Did not slow me today down
Hope he calls telling me he has food by the way
That was a weird twist
But we are in dire shwist
Used to it though, but funny thing, yesterday I see these guys
in town I hadn´t seen in months, the guy told me how skinny I was,
so if this guy notices it and more important says it outloud… seems we are fucked.
Not done yet, for better or worse
Migth as well do a rehearse.

I just can´t live in fear

Crona Corona…. Madonna.
I live not in a pretty good town to put it mildly,
so simply,
for this guy wanting me to rob me, I just took out the knife
and hit him ral nice,
went to his elbow, I don´t want to kill anybody,after army experience,
but if I have to defend myself I will. I am not going to be the one dead,
better him than me for sure, that is unfortuanately what is pure.
And the police I called….. great help, so if they are not going to protect me
I have to do it myself, probably end up in jail, but these motherfuckers that their job
is to wake up in the morning and steal and sell drugs, not happening with me.
And you idiots when you read this, it is no joke. I got a bit tired of making me the dummy.
It is no joke, trust me you fuckhead, you already got stabbed by me, but in a good way
I could have gone for the upper body, just went lower to keep you in check, you come to my house…
nothing good is going to happen that is for sure, and my heart will be pure.
You probably won´t have a heart beat, but you can always in hell sing a beat while in a comma sleep.

I don´t buy it

Corona… not really you sily.
After bascially the drug dealers kids, they are 16 years old,
which at that age these criminals are the most dangerous than a guy my age.
So how thess idiots are trying to bullshit a bullshiter? Not happenbing,
I got your money and out you go, latter we can do cooky boxing I guess,
not in you interest.
That was out the wall that came to mind, be it truth or not, I have a weird snot….
Now I do my yoga writing while I´m watching politcal youtube videos,
I really saw some porn heroes. I don´t buy the politcal left thing.


4:44 am thought, by the way people have their schedules a bit mixed off,
my neighbour parting at this hour and with the kids… go figure this on out.

I´m feeling
like scheeming
in secret?
let not be that secret and what comes will come,
I ain´t taking more shit from drug dealer nor the whore self proclaimed bitch girlfriend,
she is a whore by definition if she fucks for money, even the fucking Marrocans know
where she lives… so that can give you a clue, and the fucking Marrocan had to be two guys
just stole my last money, so no honey. Yet I will hunt him down, knowing me, I have already
done it so out went the gambit, tragic but nothing to loose,
I did get the phone when the self proclaimed girlfriend called me, again and again and… again,
told her that after I finished with her Marrocans friends I would go and kill her, not really
but she trying to put me in jail, all her fake shit? Acting like a saint when these fucking Marrocans
know where she lives… why do they know, obviously she fucks with these ones in exchange of money,
could not care less about that but I am pissed off like anybody would be to get robbed by two fucking Marrocans.
I said before, I still have the 9 m.m Parabelum pistol I “accidently”forgot to give back to the army,
this time… no punches, it´s easier and quicker.
Was this a dream?
This video seems a little dramatic really, there are videos and then day to day reality, but I like the music.
Fuck out of here


Charly or Charlie or Chuck or Chucky
a bit narly
overall good person
was born and through mother saw what is a good morality
i might be a bit of insanity
the life I lived says it all, in all aspects, flunking out of univeristy for too much party,
going to the Spanish legion, being homeless, e.t.c if I start thinking of it
hit the beat later eat!
Writing I found out is my thing, doing my own proclaimed gleam
kind of weird thing

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

What´s changed?

Mother and Father asked me “what has changed?”
I looked at father a simply said, “I´m back”.
Take the fucking pack
Smoke some snack

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses (yes you gentesses are inferiour… 😉 no politcal correctness here)
Plus you know I love you, specially women by the way, I also love guys in another way that is,
but…. got myself a snot.

Have a great Sunday gents and gentesse… I did fucking repeat myself, damn with this coron and hospital,
mom is still alive though, so that is good, now the crazy self proclaimed girlfriend on my fathers facebook
is still calling, so I just put on the music

which by the way my mother loves that series and the music, but she is unresponsive,
so got the other crazy one calling me telling me how bad she feels for my situation…. yep,
you feel bad, specially trying to put me in prison for you lies, very bad you feel, this bitch,
I should not use the the B word, but for crying out loud, this woman I think she gets up
in the morning and inmediately start thinking how to screw other people up, not only me,
for now it seems I´m her primary target but she does it with everyone, just a narcissist-sociopath.
What has changed?