Soldier-medal of honour

That me in uniform.
Trying to seek all the ” add media” of my great photo, I am drunk….
that is why I hear this guy, sort of normal for me,me, not all people. Trying to make
this quick, eventually you are born with it or not(personal experience)
And the not,those who run from literally run in “The Moment” is not insulting from my part”!, to be a bit splicit, fuk gdrun, people are born with ” react”, if not so there you go.
It is just human behavior. This guy…. Video!—–listen what the Priest says.
Not perfect people like us but you do need us like it or not. Shait! Video,,,Point.
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hospital, Hero…that´s it.

Tried to come with a intelectual title…simple it is, reality.
After the effort and money and love love love we put on her and she responds to us,
(mother), she´s strong woman for sure…
It is my mother who the fuck you thought made me tough?
Just watching this, and it the black duuuuude, sorry politically correct,
that person is my idol, in quite a lot of senses, not all but a lot.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

fuck his mind fuck the heart

Icredible video! ys knoooo! been there done i(tnot like him), but this guy explains my life in those years,
still now I guess I´m am drunk…..booooo! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha! At least I have this,
writing and writing to people I have no clue, hit viiiiiiideo!

didn.t edit what came it went like it or not, could give a shit less

Hope and vigilance

Hope charges the future
Vigilance protects it.

PM Neyanyahu said…
And a great saying since it´s truth
Forget about bloothooth.
I have to sleep with a chair blocking the door and a knife near me?
What does that tell you….hope of peace.
Vigilant in case the shit hits the fan.
Plus the keys… seems everyone has keys.
I could go and move, but that would be in my head a little bitch.
Since you give them the win,plus I hear everything even when they are trying
to be silent. I got a telent. 😉
Trying to read as much as you all as quick, never know
when they pull off internet troll.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I know it´s weird for civilians, I didn´t have to look it up on Dr.Wikepdia
my media
That was mommy “shaving” her dog.
Back to the HK36g, If I´m not corrected we had a 2 by four scope.
That means you can see a lot, kind off, depending on your sweat dribbling by..
say hi!
HK36g was my rifle´s (I did put it in plural since more often than not you changed) named Sara
my Santa
Saaaaaanta Clause I´ll end with a clause. )

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Spanish soldiers?

I can distinguish them on the video, not only after the end THAT they speak spanish but just
their attitudeland uniform, body armer, and arms(more). You got the Blackwater there.
The Americans alway have their tribute, I was in that country and the other cool Afghanist,
This is the U.S some kind of compound. U.S everywhere, we….Spanish? Literally according to
my government I was nowhere(and my mother also but that´s fine).
I can go on for more but not to bore, hit it! How in the world did I come up with
the, famous! Ending phrase on my blog posts… “Stay Frosty gents”, now a days I woman
told me to add “gentesses”, I was a translator for the U.S Recon Marines, and with their cool
transmissions, or walky the talky, they monitored enemy activity and will tell you when
and were they at, Talibany! That seargent said it to his guys, so it stuck in my head
apart from other things. Happy New Year, Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.