Sunday morning hustle

Good day
is Sunday
i thought…. hence i am
just a little piece of white ham
it’s Sunday haaaaaaa!
so have a happy great Sunday
since tomorrow is Monday, boooooo!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Spanish Eminem

i’m the gangsta
although i lost my rasta
curly curly
hair in the chest
i’m so burly!!!
i’m going to battle
with the freaking cattle
cattle cattle
hate that animal gives me the givies hivies
cattle is
my battle
as a gangsta
i will shoot them up
with some spaghetti that is rot

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. What the fuck did I just write?….

Human rights violation…by me!!!

I’m about to become what everybody doubted,
the President of the World
so now you can feel furled
but I will commit a violation of human rights
and if you don’t follow there will be the grand universe fights
No wassaps!! No more tactile cellphones, go back
in a snap to a telephone cabin,I will put plenty of those
so there you go, stick it up your nose.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

happy happy…pappy!!!

That’s me by the way, I just put some make up on and starting dancing the “giggy giggy”

Lets go under 300 words to the point so I don’t bore you.
So this woman that I met through wordpress 5 years ago she is actually gonna
visit my family, or my mother better said, I’m just the side kick.

She comes with her husband…..shit piss wank! Anybody who has read me for
some time they know I suffer from OCF (Obsessive Compulsive Flirt)
and I was telling my psychologist in the detox center exactly that,
that when I see a women my head goes directly in seeing her naked and in
bed with me, a hot one that is, so I have to have a problem I told her.
Guess what? The psychologist starts laughing her eyeballs, the way I said
it and all. She did comfort me that if that wasn’t the case she would be
more worried, so no I’m not gay it seems, nothing against gays the best
individual I have met was my uncle who was gay, but I see them as
individuals not put them all in a category.

She makes my mother happy, no wonder considering the son she has, and they
are actually inviting her to a trip to the south of Spain. I think my mother
is gonna say “fuck those idiots, meaning me and my father, I’m gonna go live
with these two good people.”

By the way, in Spain when you meet someone you give them two kisses one in each
cheek with women obviously, but I don’t know about the Indians, do I just shake her
hand? I don’t want to piss off the husband, plus even worst I don’t want to piss off
my mother, she already put a knife on my throat and told me “you better be at your
best when they come!!!!” Scared the shit out of me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.