Socialism-Communism, I´m screwed

Ever seen a socialist-communist leader poor? I haven´t.
Now with all this corona going on they will take extreme leaps to
destroy what is innate in human nature which is to have money, earn money
by working. Now they want us all in Spain on food stamps. Good news…
I really can´t think of good news, at least I have a room to sleep in this month.
Not even my social security service agent, I call her “the agent” doesn´t really
know much of what the government assistance, they assist themselves, she is still
rapping her mind as to what papers to process for the new assistance. And me?
Got 5 Euros for the rest of the month. Next month? Go figure, any jobs? No. Assistance, who knows.
The socialist-communist government we have?
I think they got a little more than 5 euros, bunch of hypocrites this ones.
Dangerous hypocrites since they are in control of a country and it´s citizens,
although a good chunck of Spanish citizens voted them so lets sleep in the bed we made ourselfs.
If someone can give me the name of a socialist-communist leader that is in the present not Bernie Sanders
for example he seems not a poor person, or Sanchez our current president,
just someone from the past please share.


What´s wrong with these idiots, I got it, you are a socialist fascist.
And now I have to guard myself from my little cirminal Maroccan(spelled that right?) friend.
Anyways I stay Frosty gents. But Jeeeeesus Christ, what are these thugs doing?
Video!!!!!!!!! Later I will get in a fight with my little criminal friend, MAROKKKKKY!
Marrocan? I spelled that right? Probably not so go and fuck those bitches.
Punk ass, calling me 3 times from not his cell phone since he is quite smart this one,
and have balls, I seen him fighting wit others, I know him but he does not know me, although he is dangerous
that is why I can kill this piece of shit if it comes to that point. No BS on that one.
What the hell is with this communist Antifa? (kind of a weird twisting resisting eminating… holy)

Basically trying to make a comparison with my situation with the criminals since it seems
I´m the only one to stand up against them and the Antifa Communist. Same, criminals.

Viva España!

At 8 p.m they will put the hymn of Spain in this town. I heard it
too many times being in the army. it comes from the church, they just put
the hymn first and then some weird music like " 2 cellos" ( great music group)
Still trying to find who picks the music.

Is nice, specially with this virus and us with this social-communist government
to hear it, people in this town will actually go to their balconnies and clap and
yell " Viva España", because it seems and hopefully it translates into the
elections, people are fed up of the communist, they even tried to ban
us people putting the music and the people going on their terraces. Literally.
Even the dumber like me eople are fed up.

Viva España!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

antifa video-comment

Here in Spain is normal for us to see not only the communinst but terrorist….where?
In the Spanish congress.
These are the love hearted people. Forgot, we also have in a congress a women that
was voted in there for their platform of ” not killing pigs”….got figure that one out,
so I´m sure she´s a vegetarian. I will throw this out, have any one of those idiots
have been to war and suffered and really suffered? NO. Have one of those idots been homeless?
NO. I have. They are sleeping in their parents house or university bedrooms paid by their parents.
What the fuck are they protesting about?
And with a great deal of anger I should add and unless your completely blind you can see it.
Bunch of rich kid punks for me. Come to my town bitches lets see how you survive here.
There also qute dangerous. I would shoot them, I don´t know how the police show so much restrain.
I did had restrain in the army,but in civilian life…no.
Another one, all these guys from the US to Spain, they have their great chants that… rhyme!
I should go talk to them about poetry rhyming. Or maybe just smack the shit out of how many I
can take.
And obviously they are always morally right, maybe in my eyes I¨m the weird one, when they
chant racist and all their bullshit, they go and hit phisically an Asian dude, the guy holding
the camera.
This was cathartic to say. Video of these nutcases, very well organized I can tell you that.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Nothing new in Spain, but it seems that in the US it is? And not because of your
president Trump…trumpy trumpy I have a monkey. These communist groups they don’t
come out of the blue, it’s a real well organisation, wich have tentacles world wide,
I won’t go further, because…. they bore me, but I did find this video funny,
specially being from Spain, I got in to fistfights with… many of them.
No wonder I have 16 stitches in all my face but in different places, and specially
when I was in the army.
Hey mom, love ya

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

antifa communist

I don’t get into politics..
but here is what sink.
Welcome to Spain, I know is the U.S here
but we have dealt with this communist fascist
for years so is nothing new. Specially when
i was in the army, they did tell you to go out
in pairs or groups, and we certainly kick their ass,
go to minute 12/30 I you like and so these
“peace loving”people, they got mazed the other side
and even though I have my own politics I know these
communist bastards quite well, I did stap one,
after I got jumped by 5 of them.
So now the American people can see what these
fucking pieces of shit do.