Viva España!

At 8 p.m they will put the hymn of Spain in this town. I heard it
too many times being in the army. it comes from the church, they just put
the hymn first and then some weird music like " 2 cellos" ( great music group)
Still trying to find who picks the music.

Is nice, specially with this virus and us with this social-communist government
to hear it, people in this town will actually go to their balconnies and clap and
yell " Viva España", because it seems and hopefully it translates into the
elections, people are fed up of the communist, they even tried to ban
us people putting the music and the people going on their terraces. Literally.
Even the dumber like me eople are fed up.

Viva España!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Not really obviously tremendously, my excperience in the Spanish army…we faught
street wise with these communist, apart from fighting in other la la la lands.
So I might as well get some adrenaline out with the video. My Karma.
Better this one than the one yesterday, in the street that is.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Killing communisst


Just curious, what is happening in the US is what happens in Spain every one or two days,
Specially if you are a red pinted head communist
having army boy , bunch of stories to tell about these communist trying to findus,they
did, not so good they came out off, fucking pieces of shit, that is my wit.

I just figured the title was of boom and shock and fuck.

Antifa communist

It seems that there in the U.S you just figured out that there
is a socialist/communist people.I specially like them. Fucking idiots
are still living in their mammas house. Point being, here in Spain is normal
too see this, never thought it was also in the U.S. Seems so, and as much I
have easy you pease, they do represent a hate group as you can see on the video.
I could go on and on with my arguments against them, but I’m tired and lazy,
so I’ll just put the video and you can comment, wich wouldn’t be a smart move since
part of my life job is to argue with people, si I’ll destroy you verbally
You just can’t win, if I have the time and I get bored I’ll send you a comment.
Hit it!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

Slovakian guy

I’m only mad at this person because he is build as a brick wall.
The other concern I have is…. I agree with him.
The other “thing” I have, is that these Antifa,wich they are
the classical communist, sorry for them.
Since he(the gent that is Slovakian)
knows he can kick the ass of probably most of those idiots I would say.
He did choose to expose them for who they are. I guess that living
in Slovakia under with some communist out there,makes some people think, but most of all
is the people who have lived, and understand what it is. Not the rich
fuckers like Antifa, they live in a land that they portray is bad,
go to Russia and protest, would love to see that.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Antifa communist quick video

I’m from Spain and for me this is normal, but in the U.S it seems it got you
by surprise. We were told in the army to go out in pairs…nobody listen to
the sergeant obviously, some one went this way another one the other way. We did
get into a lot of fights though with the communist, specially in a “town”
who they can see that you are in the army, that is why they take pictures
of the entrance “Spanish Legion”. Point being, this radicals have… I just laugh
really. Specially when you see them arrested. Any thoughts you guys?
Belive it or not I did get an A in philosophy in my little sting in college.

I argued contrary to all the students there, so I was not very popular with my peers
and the teacher…. as much as he disliked my arguments he did his job and looked
at the philosophers and the 3 philosophies of each and said “how the fuck did this
person managed to argue with 9 philosophies that in a war time environment is o.k
to kill civilians?

So here is the truth, I knew everybody in the class was going for the easy route
that you can not kill civilians, and that bored me, to easy to argue.
Do I believe in it or not….only I know.

That was long time ago in the “Communist Republic of California”
I dare you try to debate me….. If I’m not asleep that is.
Come on now, the show is yours! Aaaaaaaaaaaaargue!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

antifa communist

I don’t get into politics..
but here is what sink.
Welcome to Spain, I know is the U.S here
but we have dealt with this communist fascist
for years so is nothing new. Specially when
i was in the army, they did tell you to go out
in pairs or groups, and we certainly kick their ass,
go to minute 12/30 I you like and so these
“peace loving”people, they got mazed the other side
and even though I have my own politics I know these
communist bastards quite well, I did stap one,
after I got jumped by 5 of them.
So now the American people can see what these
fucking pieces of shit do.