Virus infection

Just a quick thing just in case the computer goes to hell from here to not so far away.
I got a notification that said the virus called Zeus, what the fuck with the name of the
So I immediately called the number given to me by the notice, problem is that I don’t have
a credit card to pay for 80 bucks, and at the same time I want to consult with other people
since the girl on the other side of the line was pushing it to hard. Hopefully it is not as
bad as she said, I looked the virus up and it said it gets into your bank accounts and pretty much
anything these great people do, good thing, I have no money in the bank, the bad thing as the
woman on the other side of the line was telling me and pressuring me was to immediately
pay the 80 bucks so they could fix it. So I got to have another opinion, and in the meantime
if they computer works until tomorrow I’ll read ya. You do know I like reading you all, but as of right
now I’m just trying to write as fast as I can and get the hell out of wordpress in case they get
my password, wich if all that technician said is true they probably have it by now.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.