corona virus

The new homeless

There is over one million people “new homeless” in the providence of Madrid, Spain.
Get a job? Where the fuck you get a job…. So my situation is that next month
is me in a backpack and surviving like the rest. Good news, they are probably less
homeless criminals than there are “normal” people which had jobs and famillies walking around,
yet humans are humans so the “normal”people will become criminals just for survival.
At least I have my knife, and that is pretty close to me including in this whore house it has become,
I´m living. Thank you fucking Chineese, time to go to war now.
Probably take out some of these mother fuckers coming and going in this house.
Think I´m kidding, wait until the time comes in 5 days. I am tired of playing dumb games.

Battle of the neighbours

7 a.m….. “Broooooooooom!!!!!!” Holy crap what is going on with that sound?
Well, it is an actual chainsaw. The neghbour to my right is putting on a chainsaw,
and the guy doesn´t even have any trees in his little patio. Now is 8.21 a.m,
and the guy still going at it. Corona Cooooorna!!!! This guy went nuts, he went
off the cliff. Funny thing, you got all the other neighbours calling him not nice names
plus as I´m writing right now I can hear the sirens of the police.
Holy shit, poeple are going a bit nutty. And why the fuck am I so calm?
Take away the corona just my personal tragedies. Calm. I actually like the chainsaw
noise, got accostumed to it.

Mask alert!!!

Mask alert
You pervert
Yes you the government
Starting tomorrow if you don´t go out with a mask the police can arrest you
So mine will not be blue
The power this virus is giving the Spanish Socialist-Communist government
It is unprecedented
Yes put on the mask, so the virus sticks to it and you breathing it all day
as of today.
Forget about letting people go to work, no, the government will pay you
a shit pay but maybe you don´t end up in the street next month
for at least once.

Have a wonderful day.

Is he or she a spy?

I have always wondered if a certain person of my family is a spy, I do remember
that person telling me “once a spy always a spy” and knowing a bit of his tragectory
I say again, a bit <,I got to the conclusion the person is a freaking spy.
Not kidding here, so he or she is good to go. Can´t get smarter than this one.
I told this person that I was sending he or she (am I fooling someone?)
an email with the video if you would like watch below, very interesting.
Told this person about me sending he or she the email, just checking or he or she
was good really, that is the most important. Yet it did not surprise me or she and be
that he would told me what I heard on the video at the end of it, how the Chenese infiltrated Texas
actually the whole world but that specific comment from he or she or that or…
I thought, a holy shait!
Watch the video if you want.

Sit and wait

Corona Corona!!! I-rish,
mom in the hospital
military criminal….
you did learn to sit and wait
plus the cigarettes once in a while
that was wild!
So just sit and wait, good thing to reflect
yet not to the extreme yet
nor never,
Sit and Wait hope you got that bait(Just rhymed this last one)
O! forgot,
don´t be dumb-struck
little cock

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.