corona virus

Sit and wait

Corona Corona!!! I-rish,
mom in the hospital
military criminal….
you did learn to sit and wait
plus the cigarettes once in a while
that was wild!
So just sit and wait, good thing to reflect
yet not to the extreme yet
nor never,
Sit and Wait hope you got that bait(Just rhymed this last one)
O! forgot,
don´t be dumb-struck
little cock

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

10 Euros 26 cents dilema

Out I venture into civilsation…..
Supermarket, get food, get the freaking thing to wash the clothes that cost´s too much.
Might as well get a bar of soap and wash them the old fashion, and not so old fashion
I did it before when I had no money at all.
Go to pay, cashier says, 10.26, had in the hand a 10, don´t to want give her a 20 because of all
the change obviously. This bitch… She wouldn´t take it. Plus starts berating me on not having
a job, I eventually said a literal fuck you, I do have a job. I write shit. And by the way years before you paid
me while I was in the army. So fuck you. And thank you for giving me all those little coins.
Kind of funny though, the Chineese found a way of warfare to make people go nuts, this lady
normally was very polite and I would joke with her. Not with the Corona, we´re not in good terms
to say the least. Freaking 26 cents…. you got to be kidding me.

Quarantine lift off!

This Sunday in Spain, they lift the quarantine only for kids…
I can go out of my room!
Get a Spoon,
Get a broom,
And see little psychopaths all over the place
Jesus going a bit nutty
Does it make any sense to you?
Government saying on this Sunday kids go out with only one parent,
and one kid at a time, what the hell is the woman with 9 kids going to do?
All the freaking day up and down with the kids….
They say later on the 9 of next month all adults can go out… what the fuck?

Staty Frosty gents and gentesses.

Corona! Corona!

Jesus fucking Christ…. we are allowed to walk from home to the supermaket or tabacco stores.(Ironic)
Today again to the supermarket and walking down the street it reminded me of one of those scary
movies. Only one person walking down the street with a mask gloves and me just strolling around
to get what in the supermarket? Beers. I don´t know if I take it lightly since I have been too
many times near death. Yes, for you normal people be concern and take all the precautions.
For me? after seeing death and making deaths, violent deaths that is, and I almost died in numerous
I don´t feel that panic. I really don´t as a matter of fact I never had thinking about it.
Probably that is part of why I was a good soldier, probably is part when I could take care of my
mother in very dire circumstances I did it without sweating. I got it, it is harsh, a tragedy really.
But fuck me, everybody on their low point? Get the fuck out of here.

Chinese Virus

Did Trum some time ago said the words, Chinese Virus, for a reason?
Do you think it was done on purpose? Meaning this,
I think after talking with some experts, that this is the third world war 3.
Military it would be a an obvious mess, they hack financial systems (like all countries do)
and now they figured that through this virus that the Chinese created and spread will in
some way help them as a nation or better said for the “Top people governing”.

It hit right
as U.K pulled out of the E.U, hence the E.U is very weak. It can be a very strategic planed
strike by the Chineese. They created a WW3 scenario worst than Hitler, expect you can´t,
for now that is, track it directly to the Chinese leaders. I´m not a conspiracy theorist,
(except about myself) but talking to smarter poeple that are “in the know” they do have evidence.

It is creepling all economies, no economies no military to defend,poverty e.t.c. and these A-holes figured
that the new way of war is a massive chemical war, they are willing to sacrifice not only their
own citizens since they have a trillion of them, they are willing to kill hundreds if not millions
of others citizens in other countries so that at the end they can be “the top dog”. It ver well might
be, and I don´t know if people are aware of that.

They figured in a brilliant diabolical way that if you cripple the economies through this virus,
went to the supermaket today and there was nobody there, not even the gloves that they ask you to
put on before entering. They just figured how to fuck us without us knowing.

And after whatever the time it might be I posted this I “suddenly” get this from youtube,
not even gonna watch the whole thing, the guy says it in the 30 sec´d of the introduction of video.

Cazerolazo! (Spain Coronavirus)

The word Cazerolazo comes from the Spanish word Cazerolas.

There you go, that´s a cazerola although I personally like the old ones.

Cazerolazo! Some towns in Spain, at least in Madrid where I live that tend more
to be conservatives today they have been “called up” to go to their balconies
with the kitchen utensils and start making noise in protest against the
socialist-communist government at 8 p.m today. So that would be in 20 minutes.
Actually the socialist.communist(It´s a coalition of those two parties) have
told the public that if they don´t want people in the balconies, they made
it illegal, quite literally the police does has the authority under this nutcases
that are governing us and ruining us while they are becoming richer than a baseball
pitcher( Had to rhyme sorry).

Hence in protest we go to El Cazerolazo!

Keep bussy(Corona Virus)

I promise I won´t write more in public after this one….. I think.
Bombarding you with my great, what?
Bussy and is not all that hard if you think about it.
I was watching, again, the military videos.
Has to be tough being a U.S Marine Captain (and all the branches) to motivate those guys.
Having been a former soldier in the Spanish Legion, I do know a bit about that.
Keep bussy even if I´m in quarantine.
Let some fun begin.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Lets lock and load it

Now, today, it is my way.
Time to go to work.
Eliminating pork, or want to eat them, hemmmm…
Lets lock and load
For your parents try to not fold.
Time to get off and literally do a bliss-off.
Too much writing and listening to youtube videos.
Reality heart my creavity with negative-e you de!
Not my manly gravity.
Sorry about what I wrote. Hard times…. hemmm,
Out we go, see ya later you animator and innovator.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.