Lost it

I get a check from the government of very little money, but something is something.
With this Corona thing they are changing the “help” which I would prefer if they
made things easier to get a job, but no. So now they are changing the “help” they give
you month after month, literally living month to month and not knowing when they
are going to cut you off. Back again with the new help they are changing to,
had to go here then there, nobody knows shit everyone is disorentated and
since social security services are closed they do it by phone….just a mess.
I hate bureaucracy. Who doesn´t.

I find myself waiting in line, spread out two meters, with a freaking mask on, me
thinking again this is just bullshit and a lady in what here in spain they call
“attention for the citizens” would be the translation, which they eventually
they don´t help at all. This lady very well dressed is asking for help to buy her
a fucking washing machine. And she is going on and on, so you can imagine how screwed
people are and what we call here in Spain “La picaresca” which translates that you
are going to scheme here and there to get money from the state, that is our mentality.
The lady keeps on with her BS about a freaking washing machine while I need to process
certain papers if I wan´t to pay rent in October if not I´m in the streets, and the
freaking washing machine can wait so I just yelled at the lady to get the fuck out of
the chair and start washig by hand. And after the commotion, well I didn´t get the
papers processed. I needed even more papers, and I´m still thinking about the freaking
washing machine and the lady. I´m picturing her inside the washing machine going
round and a round. I´m traumatize now with washing machines, 30 fucking minutes talking
to the guy to help her get it, Jesus Christ, I almost murdered that woman.

Have a great day.