crative writing

Only the only only weird guy?

Phone this girl, this and that,
now I have my pants down
and thinking…. thinking….
actually not cool specially with out teath
maybe they are resting in the belive
(She did had that book from mine in A the Zome, or Amazone, put it behind
in the blind)
Jeeeesus, the women bores me. Sorry.
Could not get it up with this one.
I did really write this in public?
O shit, and go purchase my book, who the fuck knows is making money of that one
heeeeeeey got other things going on, by the way it is raining now. What´s with the wheather?


You want
You see
It is for me
i pay
not even in bed
out off here crazy ass
that is me to harrass
no?crazy ass bitch
he does write that sayigng hithch
you did gave me something to write… ha ha, fucking bitch, you wanted a me to….. go figure,
nothing good for sure,
have nothing real
i have
you give me crazy ideas to follow
in woooollow

tired of my own bullshit but thqt was true, pisssans.



She does look like her,
Really just one single hair
¨Cariño¨, would be the translation from spanish to english of ¨Darling¨,

It was nice to hear it from my landlord, she knows I try to not drink,
which can pushes me to the brink,
she treats me like her kid,
yet he has sex with me which is a comedy skid,

is her word for her understanding

Hasta luego cariños.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.