crazy love

Uncoscious mind

This is ADD far beyond the music group OPP,
Just watching a documentary, again no sorry,
Of these freak footbal Messi, you silly, early,
And… it came to mind my unconssious mind
Forget about army days and civilian lifes I saved,( to my recolletion is 5)
Heeeero! going on zero.
Just came out never thought about it
And what is raining here a bit? (Literally raining, you have rain one hour the next sun…wierdo)

You missed me

I disconnected internet detected
I went undercover….
But it seemed too much for your bother
You missed me……Point
I´m back, after spending the whole morning fighting with the bank
and then had to call the top guns to call them for them to give the money
Now I´m swimming in honey!
(for now)
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

call me a hero!

I do go from 0-100 %
even if only got one cent.
The video is emotional for me
but as mother, like my mother in a sense,
and she won´t bother.She does actually
so that bothers me.
No pussies she wants to meet and my Father true believe…………..
JUST GO TO MINUTE 3.38 if you wish.
I made a sort of complish,
my woman! and father are who are important, the rest… let them sleep on a “crucial” nest.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

a letter to Sara (part 2. End)

Sara responds.

dear Bob i received your letter that i drenched in water. so much
blabbering, sobbing,it´s just disgusting. does it sting? my words
are like daggers i hope you bleed to death. Bob, really, get over it,
see a psychiatrist, i said psychiatrist not a dentist. my name is not
Sara, sir i´m a 15 year old girl named…i´m not going to tell a creep
like you out of the blue. I hope you seek clinical help and stop the
harassment with, this first and last letter!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I hate to love you

Honey I love you, I know I´m broke.
Honey I try my best but in this recession is not my money guest.
Honey please don´t leave me.
Honey you are my sweet little bunny.
I hate you
and your eyes blue
money money money!
what a waste to your hearts honey
and mine
blowing up like a death mine
Honey I love you.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I never stopped loving you Pauline

you are the second from the left
why did you live me in that hornets nest?
was that your craft for my mentally arrest?

i did had a boyhood crush
for me it was a rush
but I did crush

will we ever get back again?
now that we are older we can better use our brain
if you wish lets try to begin

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.