crazy love

I never stopped loving you Pauline

you are the second from the left
why did you live me in that hornets nest?
was that your craft for my mentally arrest?

i did had a boyhood crush
for me it was a rush
but I did crush

will we ever get back again?
now that we are older we can better use our brain
if you wish lets try to begin

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

black betty

She sold me the car
Hence I still have her scar

So beautiful

Her life was having people’s
The ones that were untolds

Black Betty
Was so pretty

She passed away
Her heart still stands in my way

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Deathly love

The sunset went down
but she did look up and saw him,
a great and handsome man.
Smart, funny,witty,
and he even had a BlackBerry.
She thought and thought,
that was not smart,
he lived now with his God
she only remembers when he said
¨see you later you annimator¨
And now, she cried in her cell, imagining that sunset with him.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

post mortem

post mortem
i knew it was ante mortem
look at the glasses
so priceless
tryig to not be boring with my cool poetry
shit, i fucked up a knee…. never mind or un-mind
just killing me softly
in the evil pride
but with the post mortem
i eventually became a gentleman
just look at that picture
so now you are part of my evil sinister

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

climb out of hell

Read ya latter….you….fornicator!!!!+

Hold on, lets put my cool me

I do pray every night and day
Nobody knows me really,
You should be silly, then,
Mother is with cancer
My father is a master… of keeping cool,
My mother too, but I was the one than with talking….
with her I was the one that told her ¨stop crying woman¨.
Sounds rough, but for her the ¨kid¨was enough.
So I guess, In one two sense, I got two of those parts,
Father…..when the shit hits the fan I got it together
Mother…..same, but I have that part that is people in general have something in partners.
So you obviously know what it means to climb out of the hell
Hence thank you for teaching me not to be in a shelf

Love ya dad and mom.

P.S. You got a crazy writer,also a fighter….haha, Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

thank you

I would like to thank you people
For me saying that, is not that simple
Specially some
Which I get a response
Thank you for reading my crazy, obnoxious,and I can add more adjective to the floor.

Without the rhyming I truly appreciate that you pass through my blog once in while
and read my dumb thing. I feel you people give me some type of purpose to keep on living,
thanks, Gents and Gentesses.