crazy poem


At age 37 going on seven,
I overthink too much or…. I´m a nuts
tell you why, first off I´m actually writing about me,
so maybe a narcissist ge, (doubt it though)
I see, I hear,
the thing is that what I see I hear then I just write it,
I´m “loco”, or crazy since I´m lazy.
Words and phrases stick with me,
that is,
the words and phrases that I find interesting,
Yet again….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


artist of hell

I`´m an artist, I´m an artist, I´m…
a con-artist that has been babtise,
by Christ,
I´m the Priest
in your mind you don´t know I´m the Priest
that´s it
it is my righteest
borgive me, or not
i don´t care what
out of your brain,
i put you with and through a migrane
i can keep going…
for you to be boring

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

warning, over 18

It seems I always have a cigarrete in the mouth while taking the picture wich it is weird.
There ya go, crazy and lazy. 4 a.m in the land of the wild, my land, they say is Spain but fuck it,
it´s the Charly Priest Country, so I wanted to share with you good people this poem.

Liking my cock
You Will never do a forgot
Feeling your vigina juice
You can´t say it´s a truce
You scream
I dream
Putting you in handcuffs
Violating every part of your body
Without any sorry
Eventually your tears fall on my cock
But for me is not a shock

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

pulling the trigger

(just going through old notebooks and found this weird poem)

It´s a 2 pound and 3.2543 decimal pressure numbers
wich is kind of boring reminders
If you´re out of the U.S you go to metric conversion
wich makes almost a philosophical paper dissertation
Take your stance,
slowly squeeze
and make the romance.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.