crazy poem

under my umbrella

You are under my umbrella
With that girl and that fella….Who I took away from you
You didn’t even complain
Even if his soul was in pain.

I took you out of the streets
Which eventually I know it was my bad deeds
You should have been under another umbrella
Was you name Jisela?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


If you want to change the world stop being “a sugar cookie”

sugar cookie, what does it means?
you get wet and sandy and roll
like the the life of rockonroll

sugar cookie, get me out of not being there
i want to be a sugar cookie
it will push me, that is it, but…if i stop being a “sugar cookie”
i can become better
as a person without no cookie curl
so…..I can change my world
hence it is in my hands or yours or whoever i’m not preaching
but for me part in the hands of God
it makes me an O.K bad, like screwing a bitch girl
yes i did say “girl” in this political correctness habitat
i and you can change your little world without not that crap

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Inside the iglue

If roses are red
And violets are blue…
why are we arguing within a iglu?
it’s cold here, cold there, you step
and you knock out with your head…. inside the iglue.
The iglue is cold, so people should understand to
never get yourself in that tiny iglue.
You might want to sell,
so there is no more people in hell.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

jesus christ….

So is 12.37 a.m
and i have no end
let me begin….
12 p.m is what my morning bell,
that should be my hot woman wich I pay every month,
she is my hunt,
point being… I have no point,
she woke me up just to tell that I should clean
the blood in that bathroom that I did screw
yep, got to a fight again with the marrocans,
it was them that they got a little group around me
so let me be, didn’t have my cool ice cream or knife to be beating…or something else,
told ya, this little fucking town I have to be on my tows to hold ya.
Anyways, the hot girl that is my roommate starts banging the door,
I was snapping really, so I hear and saw a bird and yelled, ” what the fuck now is twelve p.m”
So the door keeps pounding, I’m pissed off and no understanding, open it
and here is my hot cool mate, asked ” there is blood in the bathroom is it yours?”
I said no. Then I realised that my hand was bloody, so I told her that yes! That is my
shit, she laughs and tells me like a mother to stop fighting with the marrocans….
not going to happen, they come to Spain, to sell drugs and hit the shit out of people,
nope sirs and seerees, I’ll fight them until I die, and having the police on my way…..
I think since these other idiots are shit heads, but I started my campaign, and I will
finish it. And going with the risk that are involved, been in worst situations though,
so I do know the consequences wich are made of interferences.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.