crazy poem

The good sinner

I´m a sinner as you can see above
Fuking devil and no love

I was
A drunk
A faithful skunk

Every day
Perpetrating for others dismay

Seen the worst of humanity
There was some filthy gravity

Tought me the evil world
I did the curl

Now being aware
I got a new love, the world I see and do in dismay.

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.


Yo….. stop


I think the “little girl”, would like to sue me
and make me an adopted son of…..gleee! hahah

Not her name in it
Not her face in it
So I’ll just go and hit it!

Crazy mother fucking bitch
this was the one that put me to trial on false charges
if you don’t mind I have the paperwork that says
not so intimately
she is a whore really
not because I say so you silly
she is actually a professional whore
and me the dumb ass poor
so out she goes in my mind
but hold it there on time,
she did provided me with a lot of writing material
so now I’m a writing killer serial,you
so thank you….. whatever your name is.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Hey bitch, don’t call my mother nor me, 99 calls in one day, a nutty case
apart from me you couldn’t find.

the mariachi

I sing you a song
And you hear a big “boooom!”

You are touching my guitar
You know…. and is big as my broom
Eventually we’ll get to the place to a honeymoon

I sing you this song
While I look at your thong
And sing “bing bong!!”

Now I’m changing to blues….
While I take you on a cruise
With Tom Cruise


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

If you want to change the world stop being “a sugar cookie”

sugar cookie, what does it means?
you get wet and sandy and roll
like the the life of rockonroll

sugar cookie, get me out of not being there
i want to be a sugar cookie
it will push me, that is it, but…if i stop being a “sugar cookie”
i can become better
as a person without no cookie curl
so…..I can change my world
hence it is in my hands or yours or whoever i’m not preaching
but for me part in the hands of God
it makes me an O.K bad, like screwing a bitch girl
yes i did say “girl” in this political correctness habitat
i and you can change your little world without not that crap

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.