crazy poem

Oceans 11

an effect
a prefect
Or just watch a documentary
Good news is that I´m able to still talk to my mother and father,
the rest just pass beyond me, so maybe the title should have been
“The things that matter” It just came to mind the title of this
book by Charles Krauthammer, the things that matter focus on that
the rest you discard them, have a good moral compass I think is important
and at the same time don´t let those things that matter destroy you
if they go down hill, don´t be naive overall with other situations apart from
the things that matter.

Have a great Sunday gents and gentesses.


It seems I unedvertantly turned the house into a whore house,(long story)
yes that would be me in on room, a marrocan on the other and the other two left one…..
each to his and her own it seems.
The real fascinating thing is this Marrocan, now in Ramadan and it seems, it seems,
it seems, he still fallows it. Apart from the confinement and everything the guy
will still makes his food now which is 19 hundred, or 7 p.m. and eat it later around
10 p.m. Quite the good cook he is by the way. I actually got to the conclusion he is not Muslim,
I think the whole thing is a ploy, I think he is some kind of Budda. Always calm, too calm
which is a bit freaky and sneaky, too calm. Plus he should be my bitch and cook my food.
Anyways the house did turned up into a whore house so might as well get some free food.
And this fucking story is normal for me…go figure if I had to train or not my brain in the past
so I don´t go off cliff with hash.
(No proofread and not going to google for every word, came out what it came so not sorry)
What a BS, Jeeeeeesus, but funny.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.