crazy poetry

living in wonderland

Give me a fiction book
Then I´m good to re-boot
Pen and paper
Writing sinister
I am,
A sinister that is, if most people bore me but not writing?
Then I have to go back to reality and keep on fighting,
But is nice for some time to live in wonderland.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


gender pronounce

I´m gong in a rampage!
I should go out more but I´m hibernating like a squirl.
So gender is defined….. Man and Female. Period.
I only see this thing in the US, what the fuck,I love that country.
My pony inside my bedroom that I pay too much for this shit bedroom,
so is it a pony a poneese a what iffffs, you people are going crazy there,
But it is interesting, fight for the pronounce just to name one,
I still can´t figure out if those people really
belive it or they know there are talking BS, maybe both and at the same time.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

3.24 a.m rambling

I know yoooooo bro….
Thank goodness I´m sober,
just pissed off and un-afraid
and I do know a little about me
and yes in this situation I will be your nightmeare
without a beer, actually I also have to laugh if not…
sorry dear, not kidding trust me on that, killed be killed,
doesn´t bother me, yooooo be!or b?
still the jokester though…
I can and if I truly want can destroy these people… Just a written
pissed of thought….at 3+ a.m. Jeeeeesus. Out of here, to my written world.
Basically for me and I guess for most you people is….live your life,
a happy one that you want and can afford and can just do it. Not impossible,
it seems, but not waking up a 3 a.m pissed off, not cool didn´t went to
school, but I do write and the idiot saying and fucking and the other one
fucking him (which it the least I really couldn´t care less about the fuccking)
but don´t throw out that you stab people, fuck you Brazil, he is from Brazil
so I just call him brazil, punk, the Good thing is that HE thinks HE knows me,
then got the other crazy bitch, snorting cocaine so my guess is ….pissed off,
snort all you want but don´t try, the key Word is try, fuck with my head,
not working.
Yep, I have a hard time sleeping and not because of this, I swear to God
and that is not easily said for me.
And then the so called ” Ana Maria”, my landlord, this person lost all my respect
after really knowing her, and thanks to the Brasil guy….mode to destroy.
Damn, this was therapy so see? No fights as the Brasil idiot likes,
but who knows… do or die and that is MY Semper Fi.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.