crazy poetry

the two girls

Personally, I might be silly,
I think the dog is much more pretty
in my eyes that is, so please
have the respect to my dog act,
the other girl…love ya, even if she’s mad
at me, I tend to screw up so that is …wasssap!!!
But my other girl that has no fucking curl, the dog,
gotta love that thing, every time I pass to my mothers
house she’s waiting for me, a little pain in the ass
if you might ask, but a cutty…..holy shit I was going
to end there, and the other girl, well, she’s a women
evill!!!! Kanival!!! But over all she is a good person,
wich I don’t know how to treat her, me the crazy criminal
so on one side she can be my adultery…. or just give
advice with my money you you you…. little honey.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Human rights violation…by me!!!

I’m about to become what everybody doubted,
the President of the World
so now you can feel furled
but I will commit a violation of human rights
and if you don’t follow there will be the grand universe fights
No wassaps!! No more tactile cellphones, go back
in a snap to a telephone cabin,I will put plenty of those
so there you go, stick it up your nose.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Here is my direction
to some weird destination
so, yes, imperfection or…
you can call it just go with some strange flow.
I know guys that every day they go out of the house
they have everything prepared
and for me that is scared!!
Jesus…. I guess each one is the own “Don Juan”
But fuck, do I find that boring,
every step of the day you have it planed?
I like it, it is smart, but not the holy tart,
a bit of not knowing makes for me the life a bit
more exciting.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I shall not kill

They teach you that
but, what?
get into a confrontation
with an enemy nation
what? I shall not kill it is then…
what kind of dumb ass army we got here
by the way
i laid some marijuana hay
and went to the frontlines again
people think
people think… think.. think..
react in those cases it could your ultimate act to react

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Killer wasp

Sitting in front of the computer,
suddenly I hear “buzzzzzz!”.
I just cuss, and swap at it….with my hand!
Great idea with mental diarrhea.
I can see her eyes, her teeth, and suddenly
I feel like a sting but no, it’s her teeth on
my middle finger and I know she’s been through the wringer,
blood splatters over my computer, two minutes later
the cool medic animator has pronounced me dead for loss
of my precious blood now made a sauce wich the killer wasp
is at task drinking.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.