crazy poetry

fuck you

Here we go,this piece of shit, fuck…. computer goes baddy on me.
I´m gong all over the mentality crazy planet.
I learned….some time ago people are not stupid.
Computer is my life-or not,ya know!
I´m a hero, been and deployd twice in th Spanish Legion,
Tercio De Jan De Austiria, which for the weird Americans, it´s a batallion.
I say, hey, out of the other 4 units of the Spanish Legion, this was the most crazy,
hence the title of the blog, goona see now my mommy, drunk as a skunk, but we´ll manage it,
to créate a stable environment.
Other, I love writing,I´m importanting
What the fuck is with this proofread,nothing it seems. Fuck you.
I do realice I use curse words, just to make a point really, writing, piss you off, don´t care.

Love ya.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


The master plan

I do what I do
For people to do…. wo, you I can be a screw
I have a theory
It´s not a worry-
i´m just an addict
writing is my present for humanity
thank you, you are welcome
in my zone
i guess my play in life is subconciously
but i don´t know why it functions-le

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m sorry mothers

I know today in the U.S you celebrate mothers day, and it should be a day for joy….
to whom by the way?
The mother? 9 months of the kid kicking you inside
What a pride!
The labour for the kid to come out?
And then a constant shout!
Funny if the kid stuck his head out looked left and right and said..
Not a cool place I´m going inside back again
That would be a weird end
No sleeping while his toddler years
We have women zombies driving around hitting deers
The joys of them being in their teens,
the fun then really begins….

I´m sorry mom, I have decided to rename this day, ¨Sorry moms¨ 😉

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

For Spain

It´s in spanish. Long time I haven´t wrote in my native lenguage. Yep, it is one of the many
chants we had to learn in the Spanish Legion, like my religion but as a bad religous person I am…. I just went along at the end, why would I to I have to remember this s…t. But, I knew this one though,
since we are chanting this in honour of our brother or brothers that died. Which at the same time motivates us those that live for now. Hope you got it….. that live for now.

Por España
El que quiera que la defienda
Honrado muera
Y al traidor que la abandone
No tenga quien lo perdone
Ni en tierra santa cobijo
Ni una cruz en sus despojos
Ni la mano de un buen hijo
Para cerrarle los ojos
Por España, Libre!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.