crazy poetry

kings never die

There is this last stance in the Spanis Legión:
” La muerte no es el final, lo mas horribe es morir siendo un cobarde.”
Translation-death is not the final, worst is dying being a coward.
So kings die,life.
Spanish legión, believe it or not, I did learn from that religión.
Forgot, I don´t remember which of the freaking sayings you had to-
remember, a lot, I just made it wobling my mouth.
Life, this is mine, just do not underestimate people.
But you can-underestimate me.
I´m writing, and not a long fighting.
I do know this, piss me really off, not only piss me off,
thinking while I have to do the blinking, I can kill you,
I did find this off me, yet, I have to live more for my sanity,
there is the reality of dumbheads that will kill you of their “normal” sanity.
Writing behind a computer? Not really living in this cozy home.
Trying to trick you, to me sounds… I just build half your iglue.
not blue,
I´ll make this suggestion, only one, do not underestimate,
me human, you human,just don´t.
This was profound.
And now, not overthink about me, but learn about my current job.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

ladies and gentleman

Lets crack that bottle!
So I can sing wallow wallow
I got El Camino
and El dorado
I did the praying
just saying
for me
stepped on the pedal,yet
not today,
I guess yes, confidence
is big difference,
why do I test myself and others so much?
got to the conclusion, now at my early age…
is not worth the experiment
so no lament,
comming back on this what
that was a weird plot-snot.
(I´ll read you later you bad people innovator, my university online)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

my cocaine

I´m just sniffing that floor,
with a whore,
sorry I´m not perfect nor are…
I just realize I turned on YOU, just making friends….
thinking people read this,
on my behest you´re a mess.
Got half gram of cocaine
for those who didn´t read me,
I live in a shit town-be
I didn´t purchase actually,
the other guy when walking to the supermarket-
He yelled at me? aaayala aa yala!!!!, just marrocans here,
but I can hunt a dear…….XWZ
Hit it so let it be-
What the fuck do I do with this half of gram of cocaine?
Sniff it out? Sniffing in? Sell the thing?
Might as well throw it to the trash, and not get also hash.
The idiots still give me-thinking…who knows
Not for me selling, nor yelling, nor sniffing,but:
The idiot just threw half a gram to the trash,
I confess I did sniff that mess, just one
and that is done.
COCAINE!!!!! No good ending end.
What a diary this thing….got to make it more….tell me something I can
write to score!!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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Great poem by the way, had me smiling.

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