crazy poetry

Military left hand salute

If we got trained to salute with the right hand since most people operate with
the right hand, and then the little
thumb has to be tight to the other fingers and more details,
so how the fuck does a guy that is left handed does it if
you have a whole bunch of hot guys, like me, the left handed…..
It would just look weird in a formation, like this 7.a.m thought.
Actually I myself do believe it

Hot mamma!

Holly shit with Corona effect, I see things real weird,
even growed a beer,
supermaket time today
buy 3 shits, but they are hits,
go out and…. hot mammmmmmma!!!!
Holy with this one, with the kid on her right hand
cigarette on the other and she is just hot… might have some
weird fetish for moms, sorry to my own mom but she knew I was a bit
well lets say I only talked to her mostly about girls.
Where is that hooootie mammma!!! aaaa!

Have a great day gents and gentesses.

Something is wrong with me

9:30 a.m, the phone rings. I ask myself who would it be,
I wake up from bed check phone ID and is my father.
My mother passed on the 14th of this month.
They been married for 50 plus years.
My mother was the one who raised me since dad was always traveling,
I don´t have recollections of him being in a soccer game or just overall
being around as a kid. Very few very few.
He asks me the same question as always “How are you?”
Me-“And how are you doing?”
Normaly that would the extent of the conversation really,
but I know he has something in his mind, so I change the subject
to his work. When mother was in the comma I basically got in his face
and told him “You have to focus on your work now 100%”, although I did use some curse words.
He acknoweldeged and since for me he has always been superman, it now weird
for him to reach out and talk to me. That was mom.
So he calls me at 9:30 p.m I think it was weird, I get him to talk about his work,
and he broke down. I still have trouble crying, only now if I write about it,
but it seems I´m extremely well at putting it in the back of my head a tragic situation
and leave it there in a box and concentrate on my day to day things.
So he broke down, and what was my response? ” I have to go to bed now and get some rest”
Today he seemed better when I called him this time, that´s our relationship and I still
can´t figure out why I can´t cry and I started reading a book, forgot about everything
and went to sleep.
Something is wrong with me when you take into consideration I was the one with her until her end,
she was the one that raised me and the greatest mom, I have even blocked out images of her
death, and other images of her laughing with me, cooking, whatever. I blocked it out.

Read you all later you alligator and innovator

The dealers

I can understand them, since I became one of them in my early days,
just a shit face hen,
i can understand after all my sayings to them
making them feel I am trustworthy and is not that hard kowing myself and knowing how they percieve me
more important that they would come up with a deal with me…. so I basically bullshit my face off
i can understand that they gave me “that” on credit,
writing in a blog named Crazy Life so I won´t edit
the…. debit!
Holy shit, this guy tells me I owe him 55 euros, the other ones now is 40 euros
so no money for me lady for this iditos no honey to you? Qite simple.
And I do have one pimple,
we´ll probably end up doing some type of kungfu wrestling type of thing,
even Stevie Wonder saw what is comming,
the weird thing is me being freaky calm. I am too calm with all the shit going on.
Maybe I´m actually a sociopath… you know those crazies that don´t have feelings to other people?
Or maybe this in the nipple.

Put it kinedely

This whore, if she fucks for money by definition that is a whore. Not insulting her,
just sayign the truth. You see her, and her smile?
You might think this girl didn´t broke a plate in her life.
I do know you,Miriam Lorenzo Calero yes I know you are angry that someone exposed you,
yet you did hit me, pulled out a knife on me in 3 occasions, almost took a chunck of my cheeck
although maybe she was hungry.. that could be her defense I guess.
She still calls while living in one of the whore houses, not the only one to say the list..
quite a list that one,
literally not making this up,
hence the best suggestion I got was… from dad, do not get yourself in trouble with these nutcases.

I agree with him, but I was in the Spanish Legion, proud of that, so nutcases I´m used to.
This is a tragic commedy. And I can understand the Taliban, I did get close and personal with them, my job.
I don´t understand how this woman will wake up and think all day how to fuck me. It´s just not in
my head procedure.

So Miriam Lorenzo Claero you are exposed is the point, sorry it makes you mad
since at least someone decent exposed who you are that we all know really so you are not kidding anybody,
call you faher, brother in the military, all your BS.
I will call not even my father, just my friend in the same of line as your brother, Guardia Civil except
I might know his superiors, and that is a understatemt, you little B..tch, trying to make me scare? You are
more nuts than the Taliban at this point,
If you are not in prison by the end of this year you are lucky, trust me on that one.