crazy poetry

Gonna kill you bitch

you just turned a switch
you little bitch
inventing inventing that’s your life
but here we go, so it seems that people
or girls in this case read your phone,
and the bitch calls my mother who has her age,
still beautiful my mother but i don’t like to hear
some bitch for her to bother, and the bitch loves
to snitch. It never occurs to me to do that shit,
wich by the way the bitch didn’t fall to far from
the tree, gotta see the mother….and did I say bitch?
Forgive me, me so sorry in a hurry, so yesterday her job was…
tatatatatat….. fucking a guy in a trailer for twenty euros.
And that is no bullshit, since she told me to wait for her “here”
I figured I might do some inspect, and the you see the truth wich,
really I should have expect. But you stupid dumb shit bitch dont
go calling my mother and saying lies about me, quite wonderful
is so full of joy this bitch at the end of the day…..hey!
They say that the best comeback is served cold…or maybe I forgot
the saying and I’m just hanging. Little bitch saying her falsehood,
but what can you expect from a whore, and twenty euros for the other
guy to fuck her….she’s not worth a penny. So here as we go
for you to flow, your time will come after this prank that you
just pulled off, bitches laying on ditches.
But it is creative writing.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the middle man

I just stand by and,
nobody says hi. They don’t see me
believe me, in the middle of an ocean
of humanity that I think is normality
is really insanity, so…. I just stand by.
And got ya, I found my pray for me to play
I get 60% of his unworldly stay in some house of hell,
that is why he rang the bell.
To, see the middle man.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

ladies and gentleman!

Ladies and gentleman!
Let me introduce, Bruce.
He was in a dark place
His head had little space to rejoice only for disgrace
But one day he saw the light, God, the Lord and with his own sword
He was out of the dark place,
Lets give old Bruce an applause and then you have to pause
So he doesn’t think is just because.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.