crazy poetry

My love

The best I have seen…

No!!! not that one
Even if I feel young
People are not dumb
So I will let no crumb

The best I have seen….

It was her!!!! and the best one,
I was a sniper believe it or not people seen sighter
Wich is comes good to see this
just mom, I am a mama kid, even though of a tough life, she is mom.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Mom don´t you cry

Look at that beautiful woman
so unhuman, preeeety for you woman not pithy.

She now has cancer
she left me photos on the computer of her
being bald, mooooom you do look so old,
fuck that,
where is the ¨kid¨ now?
I know,
with you, physically and on parle (have no clue if that is a word)
mother, you know the title was good, just to get the attention,
hell….I´m a writer surreal stalker, and then,
it is you after me….. no mother,
you taught me early that is shit,
so no quit, to cry like a bitch.

You even took my underwares!
so I didn´t go my army days,
I know,talking too much,
as such?
it really was never in our family to bitch and cry right?
and it does pisses me off when, well they are good people,
but there is one that you know, I know.

You did say as I was a kid ¨crying doesn´t solve anything¨

Shit Fuck! I got the title incorrectly and tested.

That is my family, no crying, no bitching about life, but I am a writer
so that goes off the window so, mother
I do understand since me and my father don´t cry.
I know that when
you talk with your friends, by the way i´m going to do
her promotion

Yes sirs and serees, a real good person, my mother loves her,
actually more than me, this girl wich is in WordPress or Instagram
in this case I need some White powder Crown, here ya go
And her husband is a real nice person, also calling to
see how mother is, so Krupal, thank you for the support,
get now into the airport!

Mother you have aaaaaalot of people that love you apart from the one
that I´m talking here, plus your crazy son, you know it, because you are an ¨evil¨saint¨

My saint.

But I know that when you talk to others ,you cry,
not with the ¨kid¨, so stay that way….almost forgot, shit is me,
the strange thing is that I wouldn´t forget, but there is no regret,
I know what I do for you, apart from giving you a headache, I do take care
for you and make you laugh, and laughter is a good medicine, apart from the
chemotherapy, so let be ………. happy!

By the way taking care of your garden sucks.

Mother Mother you will not cry, we are a tough family.
This time I wasn´t being silly.

(Fuck me, she already knows this shit, so I guess is who ever reads it)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

post mortem

post mortem
i knew it was ante mortem
look at the glasses
so priceless
tryig to not be boring with my cool poetry
shit, i fucked up a knee…. never mind or un-mind
just killing me softly
in the evil pride
but with the post mortem
i eventually became a gentleman
just look at that picture
so now you are part of my evil sinister

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Short almost crazy life

Spend almost five years in the army and deployed twice,
loved it, if I was alone I would hate it, but there truly is
a brotherhood, not friendship… is different.

I killed, I was shot, nice scare by the way.

Got out of the army with a bunch of money, at least for me,
spend it, homeless, in jail, drug addcit. Broke some bones in civilian life
and they broke mine.

Now, that was looooooong time ago,

CANCER, that is what my mother has, in some sense I can see what she heard, and experience
when her ¨kid¨went to war.

My mother is the strongest person that I know, love her to death, but I see the weakness in her
body, her hair falling, and me I´m just a care takere, she doesn´t want to be alone,
so there I am telling her my crazy things but ¨churched up¨ and that is what she needs really
you punks, why did I call you punks? I´m in the drunks if not I wouldn´t have the nerve to write this
more than nothing she wants a person, that is me, lets say today is my day off after staying with her
2 weeks at least, so the point, bing bang boing…

A patient needs confort and I learned that in combat in battle and that I apply it to my mother
which by the way she can take you all on, tough as nails this woman, she´ll get trhought it,

P.S. I put myself on the pedestal….cool, sense of humour, my strange humour,
but humour is what I provide for her and she loves it, she actually in the first
time of my life tells me to ¨go with her and talk when she´s on the bed¨

Ps 2 told ya, the only fucking reason I write about this is because of my cool drunkness,
but at the same time tomorrow is my time to take care of her and she loves when the ¨kid¨
goes there, NO EDITING, JUST DRINKING, tommorow I will…..fuck shit cool.

Today my father took care of her, he saw that I also need an outlet, but tommorrow morning
I´m back with my mooooooooooooooomy, or MOMMY RAMBO

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

when the sthit hits the fan…make millshake out of it

i have no clue
sort off trying to build your heart to a true

i do know something
i´m crazing

that two sentences or four
i`´m on an uproar!
so as you well know
life is tought ya know bro, but in the good sense yo

so this cancer of my mother made me realize something
i can do what i did before in my previous life
yes i will make the woman strife

taking care off her and ….when….the shit hits the fan
you can always make juice out of it
the cancer mother…. that shit will end up making you love your milkshake

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.