Everything is funny?…Charly?!!!

Hey, I don´t know
just sniffing blow
even though I seem to say my sorry stories
don´t worries
you people are my principal, right?!
anyways so I do write,
which brings no money no honey
I stll make jokes out of it,
my body is a miss hit-
What is crying going to accomplish me?
just boring.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I tried to masturbate (over 18) I guess

Shit, that was a weird face I made
it was a mate,
I saw this girl,
…………I won´t put up her picture, shit already, the ” add media” does not respond,
Now it does…
but as writer listener-singer,
i tried to masturbate,
with no effect yet,
she sold me that picturesting,
didn´t work, it is my ending….
I already diid much work pretending.

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.

I´m the kinger of women

living with two hot girls
and they don´t have curls?
not easy
you all peasy
but i do have a way
and is burried in hay
but it seems it works for me that way
i know you more than you know me.
have been through the ringer
i just choose to focus on my writing
they forgot that and pissed i´m not flirting
wich actually is rarerigly

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


go not slow
makes me ill
if you don´t have the will
i can understand though..
i can empathise
but i have to realise
if i don´t look out for me it would be my demise
doesn´t mean
i´m a mean person
i probably save more life´s than you all put together
so now i´m ¨making friends¨
tired of being or acting mostly as a underdog
who lost his hog
i saved you
i´m the hero of my movie
i did save people in rea life
just comes out of the person
it comes or doesn´t,
THAT I KNOW, hold on….¨sniff sniff¨, sorry just sniffing blow
but being crazy
is why you read this muchy muchy sexy

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.