Happy Birthday……

I´ll get my ADD in check, at the very least at this point.
It is my birthday, lost mother on this year and obviously I was
very connected to her yet if I think about it? in a selfish way
yet I did love her in my own way, she knew it, she knew me… so that
can tell you what a great person my mother was,
and now with corona and seeing that not even the pharmacy is open
I do kind of wonder of certain things people have said throughout my life.
I just got an email from the Social Security Worker or as I call her, “the agent”,
trying to be funny most important I hope she is in my side.
Out goes ADD and post.

Military left hand salute

If we got trained to salute with the right hand since most people operate with
the right hand, and then the little
thumb has to be tight to the other fingers and more details,
so how the fuck does a guy that is left handed does it if
you have a whole bunch of hot guys, like me, the left handed…..
It would just look weird in a formation, like this 7.a.m thought.
Actually I myself do believe it

Covid madness

I´m going to sue the sun first of all, “demasiado” hot.
I´m going to sue good looking women, “demasiado” hot.
I´m going to sue Cocid “demasiado” hot.
I´m going to sue myself in the process or just take it easy one of the two.
“I´m going to sue the fucking priest and his bells ringing all day long. And he is quite nice.

Politicians are deceptive

I heard with one bird… sorry for the rhyming it just bombard my head.

Politicians are deceptive!

Are YOU human?

Getting the fuck out of here, and pissed off. Not talking about you wordpress,
talking about me and family situations.

Politicians are deceptive!!!
Tell you one thing, Trump wins 2020.(not because of deceptive… not it all his cases that is,
but me as a great political analist I say he wins)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

five line story

A black professor entered a politics class, fhe first thing he said to students was,
“Look at the elephant in the room”. He wenty on about his businnes of teaching,
finished his class on politics,and asked them several not deep questions.
But most sutdents remembered:The elephant in the room.
I don´t belive people are dummies so you can have that example in your day to day life.

Everything is funny?…Charly?!!!

Hey, I don´t know
just sniffing blow
even though I seem to say my sorry stories
don´t worries
you people are my principal, right?!
anyways so I do write,
which brings no money no honey
I stll make jokes out of it,
my body is a miss hit-
What is crying going to accomplish me?
just boring.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.