creative literature

the essence of being human

(might get out of this, did try….. not really hard actually, but before this other computer
goes off on me might as well pontificate)

The essence of being human
Sometimes is to be un-human,
You will, and it is an actual military drill
But most of the times there is a small percentage of times
That you have it in you, do not need a military drill
It is your God given thrill,
The essence of being human is to give your life for others around you
You might have to take a life though or several, but the essence is to be able to
be able willingly to give,
your life for those who are important for you,
I just notice my mothers bedroom is blue.
Had to rhyme something, it´s my everything.
The essence of being human, not only my little part of life in the army;
It fucking comes out you or not, you either safe the life or not.
And pat me on my chest or back,
I did save the lifes of 4 civilians when I was out of the army.
Now lets go paaarty!( I know I fuck it up a lot but something I have to be doing right)
I know I can deal with death and save lifes from experience,
but do YOU know what the essence of being human is?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

reverend death

I’m a narcissist (for putting myself with a cool black dude)
And a psychologist I will admits

I’m the death row reverend
So I can obviously decide
With allot of pride
With a bunch of decide

I’m the man who decides
Assisting suicides
I am the “Charly the Priest”
I love God but also a small car like a priest

I just had to express
How these people are a mess

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Dancing to Sunday beat


get up and…
dance to the beat
prohibited is to seat
i need heat
with a ton of female meat
to your trance
unforgettable stance
skip till you do skip to
be a do and not a don´t
won´t is not a cool monk
more like a a stinky skunk
tomorrow Monday
just one day, hey!
lets enjoy and dance to the Sunday beat

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Army boy or crimal?

Yes, and that is me. But with 24-25 years old.
So I wanted to write about the army, but i got
to the conclusion that is like my ex girlfriend Marxy
who was actually quite sexy.

So since i´m bored and don´t want to remember
did you see my member?
he is called evil sender.

So hit it then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here i go there i went
hey wassssup,
just in one cup?
you bro
what you do
just taking a brew?
so fuck you
get the real
and if not we do the steel
or we just steal
is not gonna be
so he is me and see?
what a fucking day i have tomorrow
you better be sorrow
more of this
You saw what i did?
did spit and almost quit
but not today nor tomorrow
since tomorrow will be the last one
of that.
I almost forgot, Army Boy hero to stay
or primal for that big creamy animal?

P.S. That was a linear story.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.