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My tribute for father

I don´t know if it is a tribute or not,
my way and highway not the smartest.
I got to love this man
it is in me.

Mother.. you know I love you, you literally raised me by yourself

My father, came from real hard situations, to say the least (also you mom)
He overcame each obsticale, and they were plenty. He “made” it to the big leagues,
When I hear his calm voice, once in while and I don´t expect more of him since you don´t
can´t ask “No preguntes peras al olmo” ( English transaltion, don´t ask for more)

Got out off topic, father love you. Nor drunk.. yet, or maybe not, lets let them guessing,

You know you have a crazy son, and putting it in public, even if you a public person, not for me
althoght there is a reason for me writing this.
It might fire out the behind also, but doubt it.

Dad, I have no ” daddy” issues by the way, but this is my way.
Love you, and more important love you for what you do for mom I know the stress you go through,
but never let it see for the outsiders.
Someone…. should tell that story, your working history and the love for mother,
I know you neither mother wants the ins of it, but you disserve that, and it won´t be
from your crazy son, might get someone else… Love you father.
(Actually I think that the word Love just came out now in writing, not while speakind to him)

Love you.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

International womens day

I hate women, I was raised by one and I have permenant psychological damage,
I even take care of her now that she is ill.
She put me up, she triked me!!!
Tell her, my mother, that yesterday was a celebration for women,
she´ll just smack you and tell you, you are not human.
Individuals is what it counts.
Just making friends,
do the pretends.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Thank you

I´m not poltically correct and I swear too much plus I´m not a loveable person.
But-when necessary: I do perform in extreme circumstances…. Kind of weird I guess.
But is what it is, thank you for reading and following this CRAZY blog.
I don´t wonder about the statistic( this is for you my friend, another blogger
seemed his life was about that, live life and social media is not your life,
go figure if this one gets it) statistics please, I just wonder not even that much
to tell the truth, I get into wordpress and type some crazy shit. That´s it.
Thank´s again Sir and Sirees.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

ARMY Encounters Police

5 a.m or almost 6 in the M, heeemmm….
Still mad about my round-about no doubt,with the local police,
say again,
Not Naional Police or The..fuck there is no an English translation
” Guardia Civil”
So it seems there are no dreams.
It does pisses me off
when they actually walk back with you chatting life is great and….
fucking idiots start to get in my face? Not in me to take it

They think they scared me?

I did remind them my history,is bad also pretty
part of that was my miitary service, service….serve what?
I just got a kick of adrenaline and, truly loved my guys.
Fucking Local Police, they are the most corrupt. Stop
What did this ediots expect as they walked me down to their cool police station,
talking as we are friends…. saw that one comming, then in their, hold it,
THEIR headquarters, get in my face? I pushed the guy or police man if you want,
might as well talk to me as Corporal ( army days, or spanish ” Cabo” de primera or terecera?)

Point, They got my history, that is their worry.

Fuck this it is cathartic, the writing, to the public, but for me you are non public, love ya
No wonder I got them pissed off these idiots of local local local police, bunch of shit heads
after punching one of them I actually said it out loud
Jeeeeesus Christ, it was cathartic , not mad now, please comment and like me
and there is also one that says fuck me, only for girls though.

Play Pretend.