creative writing

US marine

i felt not all that normal….i did read the book in yearly times,
two are my friend are in the marines, just how i felt,
righ? in the spanish legion they also give you a strange dude to fuck you,
they did have a policy to smack you, fuck you sargent, but not really, so you are up or not.

Stay Frosty gents and gentess, I´m out for ….who cares


Jail time

El ¨Chabolo¨, that is what we called in Spain, a cell.

Let me tell, obviously not proud of it, but,
In that type of environment I could be not content,
I was there, my army experience helped a lot in those situations,
It was nasty, punks.

First time I was placed in a cell,
I went again to hell.
My job is to keep me alive, my bunk bed body was or still is,
a drug trafficker, if he is still alive, so that was his OWN cell,
he did want his respect, I did not give it to him, that is what I mean,
If i would be a pussy and let him fuck with me, then I am screwed.
Words fly.
He eventually had brain damage, I just hit the guy and grabbed his head
so I did pound it into the that object he was very fond of…..the bunk bed.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.