creative writing

Try to be afraid

Lets leave it at be real or not,
but try to be afraid, try it,
in a physical real sense I´m not, at all,
in the mental real… guess like most normal people
you are afraid specially of the anticipation of what
might happen, and if you are used of certain things…. not good to augment that,
hence put on the other hat, and just be you, the real you,
what you know that you can do with fear… fear was a friend before,
have to retrieve that soul core.
Try be afraid… what did that accomplish apart from making you miserable?
Could I write some crazy poetry instead of some crazy proclamation….. jeeeesus f christ.

Take care and much love, Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Peeky Blinders

I see what you see
belive me
not cool you fool or fooless
this is writing in public
did I write this?
Let us believe
and stop getting the photos of my blog to your cellphone
get a earphone, smartphone?
you could be legally charge for it dumb gentess
for your caress
Peeky Blinders! You are really fucked up, as a human and what will happen
aaaa, you silly


I read and eat…
Why the fuck is these guys coming to me with great ideas about blogs?
These guys and other ones, let battle be-guns (you scared piece of shit)
You fucking kidding me?
Let it be HE ( I am a bad Christian yet a Priest)
Let go yo ho, hole in the water yo no smarter,
actually they are smarter,
they are making money out of it.
Grand hit.

It´s not about blogs, it´s human behaviour so follow the money and me learning….. full stop.


For the Americans is soccer, I guess I will talk about me.
Not she.
Watching too many videos of this guy,
but it brought up good memories when I was a kid.
I actually think that “picar la pelota” that is Spanish for,
when you are in the “area” of the goal and you got the gol keeper in front of you,
in half of a second you put it up his face and score.
To the core.
Then this guy Messi, has all the great atributes as a human that you can apply from soccer
to your day to day life. I think.
Not a blink.

(Holy shit with the confinement, although my so call proclaimed girlfriend went to fuck
with the black dude next to my room, it is her job I can understand she does fuck to make money
Miriam Lorenzo Calero, thank you for no AIDS) If she is a whore well that is what she is,
but don´t go on Facebook, specially on my fathers Facebook and proclaim your my girlfriend.
That is a no no, little whore. This was really ADD at is best…. I´m cool though,
don´t know how, but cool. Qite interesting this writing thing, seems it calms me.
Then put it in public…..

Video! I´m still sane in the membraine.

Kill Kids!

(try to follow)
Jesus Christ, ….. does this makes sense
Quarantine we are, althought the Kid can go out
Forget about people coming in and out of this house,it truned in to a whore house
literally, and who? my self proclaimed girlfriend Miriam Lorenzo Calero
And others obviously
She did go to my fathers Facebook and proclaim nonesense hence I will expose you.
As what you are, you fuck for money you are a whore.
the neighbour to me left has three kids,
so what this kids do is play soccer against the room,
In my time in Spain it was called “fronton”, you kick the ball
against a wall, get it with one feet or the other or chest or whatever
Getting me nuts this kids. Not really.
Kind of crazy the whole situation. And I went from whores to kids, that was ADD at is best
or call it “stream of consciousness”, then put on public, aquatic