semper fidelis

excuse me if my gramar is bad,
feel sad,
SEMPER FIDELLIS,I took out that from the U.S Marines,
I did serve in the Spanish Legión
for me at that time was my religon.
Remeber way back while in the U.S( a bar) telling a guy Semper Fidelis,
his face turned… and smile. Why?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Is my fault…I think

Yes, I’m lazy
when in my head you are crazy
but no,
it is me
that is not the normality
not only girls,
they bore me when then talk, and talks, talk, talk,
sorry, to me it sounds like a crazy rat quack.
But it’ s my fault,
after all,
I should put more into to listen to some of you
but you also got to understand my postion,
there is no decision there, is my cruel incission,
so I do and I will try to do my best obviously on my behest,
but either you love for who I am or not, with my goods and my bads,

I can be a sweethear *I don’ t know how to put the commas, fucking cumpiter”
and I can be just, me, and I hope, I always take the example of my parents
they couldn’ t be more different, but my mom the out going type of gal,
and my father more reserve, yet funny in his own way, got along for
…….45 years, and my old man still makes my mom laugh, specially in
the monring, that is something to see really, so to my girl,
do not expect the world, do not expect the perfect, do not expect life
to be on you side, so
just live it and roll with it and have fun

Hope you’ re read that and got some….fun, cause you are not a nunn
so do not act likek that shit, just live life. Period, in my .. say heyyyy!

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.

P.S. I’ m fucking freezing.