creatuve writing

the town

That is the view from my window,
kind or a bit weirdo,
under that,
it´s full off Marrocans and also from Peru,
all dealing drugs and making this SPANISH town look like shit.

You tell me how in this small town I can´t get into fights,
hate them, is my country i hate them, yet….
I always say that I´m a ¨ selective racist¨
My best friend almost like a father is what,
a Marrocan, hard working, good person in general,as you well know,
nobody is perfect but that does not distract,

Actually it does, I think I hit and got hit by half of the town,
latest was with ¨Enrike¨ ( he is just robbing someone so I doubt
he will be very interested in this), point being that was my last fight,
I did pretty good by the way, so….. say Haaaaay!
Not really, getting bored of this shit
so I will spit
and try to avoid
that dumb decay

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.