cretive writing

the bitch group

Had to insert this by a great artista called Michael,
if I had his link I would put it. I´ll see his art later on so I will put his link.
Not only for females but I quite often call guys bitches,
probably not a good word but I grew up using it, so,
lets be honest in my beeee the hest. I´m sarcastic,
not yet all that static even though my body is fucked but I do a practic.
I should use less curse language? No, it is how I make a point more point.
Yet I´m also smarter than that, just testing you people.
Bitches end up in ditches!
I´m talking about my new roomate
which I did say 3 times to back down and two meters out of me, he didn´t,
so I did end it with quite some grit.
I did really say this? Seems so, so on we go.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I don´t know much,
but as such…
Why in the world do these drug selling guys sitting outside my house we have a semi truce?
I´ll introduce,
me, years long after army days worked their businness,
that is why I write to God for forgivness.
And pray every day for my shitness.
They know what I have done, and what I have did to them,(alot of physical violence)
NEVER back down- never, Street things-
or Wall Street, Walmart blings and that is a life begins.
That came from my military days, you will die sooner or later,
hopefully die later,
but you earn respect, you fucking EARN it and normally is not easy.
Just a 0.57 am thougt. Which I bought.

Stay Frostt gents and gentesses.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

My nabe is….

sili con or gotta my horn valley
con i silly
was that hill billy
trying to get my head straight
hey,you, my english teacher
said i was not the preacher
sorry, but don t worry
staying in time to have my rhyme
i´m your sorry
to teach me and have that funnier
so, my name is… look at you
got all that Huee,i`m just the King
ping ping gonna let you sting
my name is Charly Priest much better than
Bruce Springting,
does stink

Stay frosty gents and gentesses.