Jail time

El ¨Chabolo¨, that is what we called in Spain, a cell.

Let me tell, obviously not proud of it, but,
In that type of environment I could be not content,
I was there, my army experience helped a lot in those situations,
It was nasty, punks.

First time I was placed in a cell,
I went again to hell.
My job is to keep me alive, my bunk bed body was or still is,
a drug trafficker, if he is still alive, so that was his OWN cell,
he did want his respect, I did not give it to him, that is what I mean,
If i would be a pussy and let him fuck with me, then I am screwed.
Words fly.
He eventually had brain damage, I just hit the guy and grabbed his head
so I did pound it into the that object he was very fond of…..the bunk bed.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


the criminal

My mother actually told me that I look like a criminal,
fuck, that was a good poetry ya’ll
I see me, now that I’m out of money don’t feed me,
but what can I do where I live, sell drugs, steal from
some idiot and create I riot? No sir, I had enough of
that bullshit, it seems i’m a creep, but there is my blood
something called working and also sleeping, so I know that
life,unfortunately, also been incarcerated, with a crazy head.
Let not eat, drink water yes, and make the people that love me
proud, wich is quite something….gotta do something if not
survival, GOD knows that I do read his bible.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

I’m a criminal

I am a criminal and that photo is real
When I loose my money playing the roulette then I have to revert
I am a good person but I do have a bit of treason
When I have no money my head goes up to the unsolved honey
Sorry mother you did see, what this kid is up to be
Get my shit money up to date to later on fuck that stake
So yes, I will still, with quite a good will, I should add,
And do what I have to get my money back.
To spend it on my cool crack
When are the police gonna catch me…..
Depends it can be here or there
And the hero will not even stare

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Hey ladies, don’t get all excited
you can be shortsighted
or not, that is a good looking man
standing,I don’t know
but you can bow…to me.


Is all on me and you and all of us
that, you can trust,
as a very special woman didn’t say
just showed her way
nobody or anything can stand in your way

this special person said,
if life got rough
you go one more mile until your tough

i know and know and …well there are the bad parts
depressing and is quite a mess in the head
but eventually you might as well get your head out of your ass
and do what you have to do.


That is a phrase that stood with my little me
so thank you to she.

And…happiness, not all happines but a better living life
will come to you for one to strive.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I’m dangerous

I’m that dangerous
since right now
i begin to rhyme so you can ask you why
so got two marrocans
in me bedroom
they do now were i live in my grand stadium
so instead
of listening through the window of every word
i thought they should come in with quite the nerve
they see me, the see the computer and radio, i know
they are scanning and that makes me feel better
just scanning their territory, so they think, it
is for me to give them a wink
and i actually gave the other guy a knife
wich i had not hidden to much
but i had a back up, that one they didn’t notice
since i like to be quite the elegance
of irrelevance
point to the point
these little criminals do know me, unfortunately
you show no fear because there is none, giving the guy
i think it was a to his dismay, a knife, he and his bitch wife
know i’m testing them, so don’t complain

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. That is Charly Corleonne
I do look cool I don’t care what you say, so got ya

Spanish hustle

In about 42 minutes I´m going to steal
That is the deal
Kind of surreal…..
da da da dumb
i can end up in jail or in the hospital or a tomb
no money then no honey
just going to shuffle it
my version of the Kentucky shuffle
no muscle
i don´t have a serious job
and thanks for them i got a start
is called…well not gonna say it in public
but i will say this, is the Kentucky shuffle
with no muscle and sort of practical
i said sort off,
so remember me
as i be
in the extreme
by the way this is the hero
of a war veteran doing sum zero…so
fuck it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Take care.

30 minutes later…. I just got back home from stealing, used a bit of mafia techniques
and is all surreal right? Although they do know where I live so I might have some police
company later on. So the deal is sealed, what´s done is done.

Why in the world does the pictures appear in the bottom?