Hate cowards

In a small town full of criminals,
they pray on little animals,
once or maybe 5 or 6 times knock them out
that is no doubt,
not obliged to say it is “my thing”, yet
they don´t know me, what I have lived, so no wonder
idiot, if you are trying to rob me and I kick your ass.
Said enough.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

4.37 a.m racist thought

I can´t fucking sleep. So here goes the thought quickly.
People say they are not racist, I am. Or semi recist.
I live in a town full of Marrocans and today I decided to push it,
so I know that being around this kids or 15 years old is not a good idea.
I get more respect from the older guys, the funny thing for me is to watch them.
See how they behave, not good by the way, but they think they are tough.
I got smaked in the face from a 15 year old piece of shit. My thinking…
Just let them, I have been what this kid has not been in, I also thought that
the kids days(the kid that will stab you) I can terminate them. Period.
But then I re-thought, little piece of shit, you been in real combat army? No.
You think you are tough? Let you think that. If it comes I can kill you, but for
what then…. get me in prison again, no. Plus hopefully tomorrow I´ll go see mom,
and help her with her new house, basically is me saying ” You want this t.v here or there?”
All day, then I will go out, not drunk that is for sure and hook up with a girl.
If not drunk.
Point being…..I´m a racist twoards this marrocans criminals, yet again I´m semi recist
since most of them they know what I can do and have that respect, but the 15 year kid…
Let him to see. Vengange it is better served in cold plate….na, not with these kids.
But sooner or later, I guess sooner, he will get fucked up. Not from me for sure,
I don´t even have to plot to fuck up this kid, he does, I´m 37 going on 17 but he does jus don´t know these fucking piece of shit little criminals marrocanscI know your father dumb shit, I just go by and talk with him or I can call my buddies from the army and take care of you, just for my pleasuere,
I did say that vengance Will be served in a cold plate. Easy, just wait live your life and then fuck him up, a 15 year old criminal idiot, in the mean time got
better things to do, I do write badly Charly narly.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

loked out of the house

Funny story. Yesterday I was so emotional that after being in the blog world
I decided at 10 a.m to go to the bank. I was emotional since I still
had money. So go to the bank, collect money, return home…..I left the keys
inside. Second thought after I cursed everything that came to mind, I cursed again
since my I-phone 25 is also inside. In the street I´m left. Sitting in the park,
at this point drinking myself to death and I see my “friend” the drug dealer. One of them
that is. He asks me,
what the fuck am I doing, I tell him and I tell him to call the other guy that lives in
this house. Got the picture? We all know each other, drug dealers and criminals living
with me. So the drug dealer calls this guy, and he says that until 5 p.m he is not
returning. The whole fucking day walking around this shit town, with this guys
with the other guys, with this girls with the other girls. And it seems here there are
no “safe places”. You got to be on your tows. Finally after talking bullshit all day
I return home and ring the bell, holy! My cool criminal buddy is in the house. He opens
the door, laughs, I´m about to kill him at this point, I enter, I go to sleep.
That was my day, how about yours?

Jail time

El ¨Chabolo¨, that is what we called in Spain, a cell.

Let me tell, obviously not proud of it, but,
In that type of environment I could be not content,
I was there, my army experience helped a lot in those situations,
It was nasty, punks.

First time I was placed in a cell,
I went again to hell.
My job is to keep me alive, my bunk bed body was or still is,
a drug trafficker, if he is still alive, so that was his OWN cell,
he did want his respect, I did not give it to him, that is what I mean,
If i would be a pussy and let him fuck with me, then I am screwed.
Words fly.
He eventually had brain damage, I just hit the guy and grabbed his head
so I did pound it into the that object he was very fond of…..the bunk bed.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the criminal

My mother actually told me that I look like a criminal,
fuck, that was a good poetry ya’ll
I see me, now that I’m out of money don’t feed me,
but what can I do where I live, sell drugs, steal from
some idiot and create I riot? No sir, I had enough of
that bullshit, it seems i’m a creep, but there is my blood
something called working and also sleeping, so I know that
life,unfortunately, also been incarcerated, with a crazy head.
Let not eat, drink water yes, and make the people that love me
proud, wich is quite something….gotta do something if not
survival, GOD knows that I do read his bible.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

I’m a criminal

I am a criminal and that photo is real
When I loose my money playing the roulette then I have to revert
I am a good person but I do have a bit of treason
When I have no money my head goes up to the unsolved honey
Sorry mother you did see, what this kid is up to be
Get my shit money up to date to later on fuck that stake
So yes, I will still, with quite a good will, I should add,
And do what I have to get my money back.
To spend it on my cool crack
When are the police gonna catch me…..
Depends it can be here or there
And the hero will not even stare

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Hey ladies, don’t get all excited
you can be shortsighted
or not, that is a good looking man
standing,I don’t know
but you can bow…to me.


Is all on me and you and all of us
that, you can trust,
as a very special woman didn’t say
just showed her way
nobody or anything can stand in your way

this special person said,
if life got rough
you go one more mile until your tough

i know and know and …well there are the bad parts
depressing and is quite a mess in the head
but eventually you might as well get your head out of your ass
and do what you have to do.


That is a phrase that stood with my little me
so thank you to she.

And…happiness, not all happines but a better living life
will come to you for one to strive.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.