I’m dangerous

I’m that dangerous
since right now
i begin to rhyme so you can ask you why
so got two marrocans
in me bedroom
they do now were i live in my grand stadium
so instead
of listening through the window of every word
i thought they should come in with quite the nerve
they see me, the see the computer and radio, i know
they are scanning and that makes me feel better
just scanning their territory, so they think, it
is for me to give them a wink
and i actually gave the other guy a knife
wich i had not hidden to much
but i had a back up, that one they didn’t notice
since i like to be quite the elegance
of irrelevance
point to the point
these little criminals do know me, unfortunately
you show no fear because there is none, giving the guy
i think it was a to his dismay, a knife, he and his bitch wife
know i’m testing them, so don’t complain

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. That is Charly Corleonne
I do look cool I don’t care what you say, so got ya

Spanish hustle

In about 42 minutes I´m going to steal
That is the deal
Kind of surreal…..
da da da dumb
i can end up in jail or in the hospital or a tomb
no money then no honey
just going to shuffle it
my version of the Kentucky shuffle
no muscle
i don´t have a serious job
and thanks for them i got a start
is called…well not gonna say it in public
but i will say this, is the Kentucky shuffle
with no muscle and sort of practical
i said sort off,
so remember me
as i be
in the extreme
by the way this is the hero
of a war veteran doing sum zero…so
fuck it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Take care.

30 minutes later…. I just got back home from stealing, used a bit of mafia techniques
and is all surreal right? Although they do know where I live so I might have some police
company later on. So the deal is sealed, what´s done is done.

Why in the world does the pictures appear in the bottom?


Crazy crazy
i have been to war with these nut cases
even when i was one of those adrenaline junky cases
and the story goes,
this girl that i have seen… do i elect anyone normal?
anyways after i said,
your a nutcase if you threaten me with death
i just hold my breath
and…. not really,
so this little bitch actually got hold of the marrocans
which in my town are quite a few and they seem to know where i live
so that is a gift, and the she called them, is quite normal right
the little punk ass bitch know them, and after i can’t even count the times
she called me since i don’ t answer it but it is there guarded on my cellphone
she calls and 10 minutes latter a freaking Moroccan kid comes and ring my house…
first thing as i open the door since i knew it was nothing new in terms of
well being, he tells me if i was afraid….the little punk,
you got the wrong guy, have been as you know in two wars fighting these
idiots, so i tell him very nicely to please come in to my room,
so he can see what i have, it didn’t bother me one half,
eventually he did say the truth and this bitch is actually calling these guys
to threaten me…..or scarey me, which in my case.
that is the last line you cross
either him or me will end up in a cross,
fucking manipulative bitch
so why do i get with this kind of people?
and really is my fault for doing so, I know.

P.S read ya tomorrow, trying to read all, since you are all great writers.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m a sinner

I´m a sinner
since i was beginner
lust and dust
is my must
love has disappear
in both mental ears
trafalgar cruising
going whoring
in the morning
spending money
as much as bees lay honey
drugs swirling
people curling
stealing was one of my trades
for some they will go in dismay´s
criminal record i got
don´t give much thought
what´s done is done
no way of changing so is forgone
once a girl called me hero
that was laughable and a zero
was in the army
Spanish Legion revolutionary
was a part of living
what a fucked up life
it can be a device

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Army boy or crimal?

Yes, and that is me. But with 24-25 years old.
So I wanted to write about the army, but i got
to the conclusion that is like my ex girlfriend Marxy
who was actually quite sexy.

So since i´m bored and don´t want to remember
did you see my member?
he is called evil sender.

So hit it then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here i go there i went
hey wassssup,
just in one cup?
you bro
what you do
just taking a brew?
so fuck you
get the real
and if not we do the steel
or we just steal
is not gonna be
so he is me and see?
what a fucking day i have tomorrow
you better be sorrow
more of this
You saw what i did?
did spit and almost quit
but not today nor tomorrow
since tomorrow will be the last one
of that.
I almost forgot, Army Boy hero to stay
or primal for that big creamy animal?

P.S. That was a linear story.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Court is tommorow

Long story short, got out of the army became a homeless drunk
(and not because of the army, that was my decision) so late at night
a I tried to get into a liquor store, by the way I´m not a good thief,the
first time I did that, now paying the pipper wich is what it should be.
Imagine the guy that had to repair all the window shattered, this happened
over 5 years ago, but it does piss me off that it is this late that comes down
on me, but I screwed up pretty big, so time to pay the consequences. I don´t
think I´ll end up in jail, but just in case I want to say to you all: Thank you.

Here is a cool little poem I wrote, and probably will post more today, since
you never know.


Bet you look in the dance floor
That is your way to score-
You got me
Buzzing like a bee
Stinging me-
You look good in the dance floor
You never hit that door
You only hit the floor-

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Just in case I can´t read you, have a great Monday!

Smiling this week

Another uplifting prompt by:

Probably my smiling is quite different from others. Actually I do know is different
from other people in wordpress. Finally got hold of my court appointed attorney
which wasn´t that easy since this is a case that happened 5 years ago and on 20015
I received a notification that on March of this year I should appear
in court for the trial.

Finally after days running around, waiting here and there with the best of each house,
if you can imagine if your walking around government buildings where criminal trials
are being held, you don´t find nuns.

So I got hold of this guy, my lawyer, he actually called me after I spend almost a week
trying to get hold of him leaving dozens of messages. I got several things going for
me, one and most important is that I won´t go to jail so my life won´t be on hold for
6 months. The prosecution has asked between 1-3 years for attempting to break into
a liquor store late at night. Except they forgot it was “attempting” since I got caught
not even having entered the shop, so that´s a mitigating factor on my side ,so kind of ironic,
you´re a bad thief, since a good one would have prepared it quite better except I was
off my rockers back then and living on the streets, so fucking up a robbery not getting
caught with anything of value except semin broken glasses, that works on my favor. For
the ammount of time the prosecution is asking since according to my lawyer he hadn´t seen
anything like that from a prosecutor(1-3 years) for such “a small thing” as he put it.

Second I don´t have any previous felonies,that are in that category of robbery.

Third, the other guy I was with. Since he probably won´t be present at trial and he
is a marrocan, the judge most likely say it´s a mistrial, put out a warrant for his arrest
and he´s deported back to Africa. Thing is since this guy I do know he has
quite a few previous felonies he knows they´ll deport him so having known that guy I´m sure
he won´t volunteer for deportation, just ain´t happening. So the trial will be put on
hold until he is caught doing some other criminal activity or after 3 years if he has
already fled to Marroco(wich I doubt) prisons here are a 5 star hotel compared to those,
and after those 3 years are and he is not caught the crime is expired so no prosecution
and all charges are dropped. The most it could happen is that I will have to pay almost 300 dollars for
the broken glass. And I won´t even have a that felony on my police record. The other ones
are misdemeanor for fighting, except for one that the other guy ended up in the hospital
and this other guy is no priest I should add. It was either him or me, so he got the worst.

So since the date I´m going to appear on court is the same day of my mothers birthday, yep,
not kidding. I actually told my attorney to tell the prosecutor that, and to put the trial on
hold for the next day, to wich we both laughed. Cool guy and competent guy by the way this attorney.
So I´ll go to the trial, say when asked by the judge how do I declare myself “guilty”.
And by then my attorney would have worked out pretty much all those things with the judge,
which he says it´s a friendly one. You can´t be always too sure of these things,
but it´s going to be either a mistrial and wait for the other idiot to get caught,
or in this case I´m rooting for him to not get caught since that would
mean I woul´dn´t have that in my police record,plus the fine,only a civil not criminal fine.
But no jail time, so my life will not be on hold. Normally if they ask between 1-3 years,
you do spend 6 months inside the Big House.

So a reason to smile, as fucked up as it might seem for the rest of readers for me this
week after traveling all around Madrid going to this office that one over there, this
court this other one. Finally got things figured out. Now no worries no hurries. No jail time
wich is the iportant thing. Another irony, if they catch you pissing in the street the police
will send it to the local government and they will fine you 751 dollars in my case. And if you
commit a failed robbery for being an incompetent thief I pay 300 dollars as a fine.
So go and figure that one out.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Justice Lady

I was going to write some fancy thing
with words that will make you think of the “bling bling”
but screw it,
just got notification
with quite the allegation
to present myself
in the justice system shelf
on March of the year 2016 at 11:20 a.m
to go and see the Justice mam
for something that happened 6 years ago
which was a failed attempted robbery of a liquor store
which seems I was so drunk I wanted to score
so 6 years later, when everything is going fine
then you have to pay your dime
probably no jail time I think but still it does stink
leaves you thinking for a year what the hell is going to happen
but to me, fuck it, I did screw up so not but, just suck it up
going now to A.A so I don´t end up homeless and in those positions of stealing
so after whatever you do in your past it will eventually come at you with feeling.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I knew it! women are nuts.

This is the beauty of having a yahoo account, another day  in the process of signing out of the email and…… ta ta, I see this hotty here. A bit off in the head he is if you ask me, bit off to say the least, but seems that if you ask women….nope, he´s the perfect man to marry. Have a bunch of his kids, go figure how much the murder rate will increase, but he is hotter than Brad Pitt….I´m sounding to gay here.–like-the-hot-mugshot-guy–170852977.html