Fabada Asturiana

Yes, yes!!!!! That is my meail for today,
guess what, the funny thing is that I bought these two cans of shit really,
in a Chineese establishment. Being Saturday afternoon the supermarket is closed
so I find myself a bit hungry to say the least and what is 24 hours open?
Freaking Chineese in this town. There are two Chineese establishment in this
very small town. Goooood news, I had my chance to flirt with two hot girls
a bit weird flirting with a mask on by the way. They where buying….. whiskey!

Kinky kinky
give me the drinky
later on
I´ll go with the “traditional” Spanish food of Fabada Asturiana!
I just call her Anna….. Anna Frank at this point.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Have a great hot dinner.