dark comedy

High voltage stream of consciousness

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What a fucking computer I “smuggled” into the hospital, 15 minutes to get into wordpress
and it seems the Chrome goes faster than the other internet “thing” i yelled bling, and
i got a shitting but what did i expect for a 250$ laptop? Not a great top it seems.So is
hard to keep up with all of you, even the comments i have to keep them short so the computer
do it´s quick matheweter and send the freaking comment. Let alone when your page has a lot
of photos i can spend the whole day looking at the little ball rolling around and round
and round for the page to load. I hate the computer, yet I´m lucky to have one, still pissed.
I hate this hospital, it is a private one and there are too many cool girls with thongs,
nurses included i feel like in a Tom Cruise movie, i have no proofread as you might see while
you read i hat that too.
Hot nurses and doc´s distracts me from my duties as the greatest caretacker maker of my mother.
Good news it seems they probably let her out this Friday and basically made her life a bit longer.
I was already expecting for this to be the last time she entered the hospital and not walk out.
These rich people of the hosptial all have electric cars, every time i go out for a smoke
i´m constantly scared shitless because of one of those electirc shits you can´t hear them at all
to smack me. I hate all these people rich or not rich that are on the phone constantly, i even
saw a 4 year old kid in the lobby waiting with their parents for the elevator to come and him
watching a video on the phone of two teenage girls doing some kind of weird gymnistic things
in a soccer field, what the fuck? Feminist won, you made us a bunch of pussies.
I hate elecrtic cars, I hate people talking outloud on their phones I hate hospitals, I hate..
at leas my mother is still alive which is the important. What a pussy society we have become, I
even hate the hatters so I hate myself and then re think and unhate me, but hate all the others…
So fuck it, read as many as i can of you when this shit can computer goes faster, if ever, whatever,
now it seems it´s going so so so….so i also hate the computer. This was profound, you´re welcome.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Tomb man

He wakes up early in the morning and walks…
entering the cemetery
for him is necessary,
walking from tomb to tomb he sees the names, ages of death,
he looks at the ages
and doesn’t get the rages,
he laughs uncontrollably
most of the dead died younger than his 90 years old.
When he tells this to his daughters when he returns home to eat the meal,
he laughs uncontrollably
the daughters look at him hopelessly.
They mumble “The old man… he’s a freek”.
He hears and tells them “At least I know I´m good”,
he eats his food
and tells them how beautiful the tombs are.
In the small town they call him Tomb Man.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

What’s with the fights?

Here we go…or not go, point being this was the last fight

Na, not really there have more, and guess who against?….fucking marrocans,
they sell drugs, they fight but won’t back down.
So the point, is that I have to fight them off.
How in the world can I avoid them if they live just infront of my house?
As off right now I got 5 stiches in my left eye, wich is the same that
the other gave me, yep, in the left freaking eye. I look like a donousour.
Point being…. I’m not a racist obviously, my best friend is marrocan,
forgot thay I was in the army you silly, another point…. won’t give up,
but some come into my coutry to sell drugs and get the benefits of the social security,
hell yes I’ll fight them until I die.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses….holy! look at this beautil person, I shoud
stay mor like that… I guess

It hurts!!!

I hope you were not eating…..damn it hurts!
Mine is not all that messed up but red, blue, bigger than a baseball,
and I can barely walk. Who would have thought that the little “pissan”
of a nail would create such barbaric pain. I should sue somebody…..but
I don’t know who, it would be kind of stupid to sue myself.
Damn it hurts!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the man that got away

He found himself in a trap
So he just snap
Got the knife
And killed his wife

Police were chasing him
But he went to the gym
He finally disappeared in to the dark
He was just a little spark

Years later….

A friend asked him why he killed his wife,
the man, looked at him as if his friend was nuts and said
“She makes terrible apple pies.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Marlboro Man

kitchen-window[1]Another Friday of Friday Fictionairees by https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2015/12/16/18-december-2015/

He looked out the window and he saw what it seemed an army of police men,
from his left pocket he took out his Marlboro pack and lit up what would
be his last cigarette, he wasn´t going to pay again. He inhaled slowly the smoke,
he had no rush. They could sit there trying to negotiate all they wanted.
They didn´t know.

A loud gun shot was heard by the police standing outside. They quickly entered
and found him on the floor with the cigarette still in his mouth, the pack of
Marlboro in his left hand and blood gushing out of his head. A sneaky photographer
of the New York Times took a picture of the grisly scene and wrote a column
about the incident later on, making fun of the man.

In his right hand was a letter, the detective grabbed it and read ” I refuse to get fined
again for smoking in a public space, this overly politically correct bullshit is what´s
killing me, the second hand smoke while smoking in front of a building in Manhattan is not
going to cause cancer to a passerby while there is a gush of wind. Parents frowning on me
because I smoke in the car with my children makes me want to kill them.”

Next week in downtown Manhattan there was thousands of people with a Marlboro
cigarette in their mouth puffing as much smoke to the ozone layer as they could,
which didn´t brake by the way as authorities had warned.

They Chanted, “Marlboro Man!!” He created the smoking revolution.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.