dark poetry

The unbecoming mother

Johny yelled, “is mine!!”
Sara grabbed what she saw as an apple harder she thought she was smarter,
Johny yelled again “miiiiiine!!!”
The hand grenade exploded evaporating their mind
The mother came out….She smiled, her dark eyes,
Turned blue for a while she then called the police
Telling them she was now at peace and going to live it up in Greece.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I´m living in the 21st century
This Sunday morning took my doses of mercury
It didn’t make me ill
It gave me greater will
fucking Christ this is not easy
got to do it, no other way around it
coward I would be if I didn’t keep it together
i don’t know why in these bad situation I gain power
The head thinks straight, calm, cool, collected-Staying Frosty
With all the sudden nasty

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Tomb man

He wakes up early in the morning and walks…
entering the cemetery
for him is necessary,
walking from tomb to tomb he sees the names, ages of death,
he looks at the ages
and doesn’t get the rages,
he laughs uncontrollably
most of the dead died younger than his 90 years old.
When he tells this to his daughters when he returns home to eat the meal,
he laughs uncontrollably
the daughters look at him hopelessly.
They mumble “The old man… he’s a freek”.
He hears and tells them “At least I know I´m good”,
he eats his food
and tells them how beautiful the tombs are.
In the small town they call him Tomb Man.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the essence of being human

(might get out of this, did try….. not really hard actually, but before this other computer
goes off on me might as well pontificate)

The essence of being human
Sometimes is to be un-human,
You will, and it is an actual military drill
But most of the times there is a small percentage of times
That you have it in you, do not need a military drill
It is your God given thrill,
The essence of being human is to give your life for others around you
You might have to take a life though or several, but the essence is to be able to
be able willingly to give,
your life for those who are important for you,
I just notice my mothers bedroom is blue.
Had to rhyme something, it´s my everything.
The essence of being human, not only my little part of life in the army;
It fucking comes out you or not, you either safe the life or not.
And pat me on my chest or back,
I did save the lifes of 4 civilians when I was out of the army.
Now lets go paaarty!( I know I fuck it up a lot but something I have to be doing right)
I know I can deal with death and save lifes from experience,
but do YOU know what the essence of being human is?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


i seek adrenaline
why? Have no clue, guess it is in me
I don´t actually guess, since a kid I made mother nervous:
so I was good in the army
in that case especific when they make you in charge of 4 people
you had to manage the adreline so you Will tell the guys(fuck no girls) this and that
i actually know to me to find it hard to not “go off”
And I´m 37 and left the army at 25
say……. hi five! Plus a goodby.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

i´m that cool

I´ll make it quick to be as more politik,
Pissed off! In the writing process that´s it,
with a teat
makes me tell people my retrocess. And express.
I actually put a chair on the inner side part of my door,
so nobody in this house can score.
I see the projectiles coming, by bitch exgirlfriend with the bitch Brazilian new roomate
maneuvering to get me out of this shit house and town and they stay,
by the way, ( I know they read this there is something called IP and more)
I do know the name and who is the true landlord,
heard that word?
But outside in life I´m actually not scared
nor show emotions;
that is their wanted devotions
that is their worst nightmeare
to make me do a react stare

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Foot note-Expressed all my shit quickly and to the point. And in poetry form.
Foot note 2- Who the fuck said there was writers block? I believe they make you
feel that way in order for whoever is them gain money teaching about un-blocking,
you´re writing might not be as perfect as you want, but that is not writers block
literally by definition.

made peace with death

A long time ago I made peace with death. I don´t want to kill but I know,
the other people are going for my death. They,
can achive that purpose,but
I will defend me, ending his or hisees (that was plural) life.
I have to bee a mental thoughness?
Talking about ME…ME… what about my loved ones?
I choose this way of life which obviously includes the people around me,
to put myself in harmful situations yet I can handle it mentally,
not so much physically the directions…
Predictions? only with abreviations

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

friday 13-kill time

“No!” She screamed, he
looked down and beamed
He was texting sexting and thinking
“Should I do it or not?”
The naked woman with her hands cuffed was crying,
he suddenly received a text saying his mother was dying
“Fuck!” He yelled.
“No, please don’t rape me!”
He started crying and told her his mother was dying.
They both held on to each other,together,
Friday 13 with weird weather.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.