four funerals

I live in a very small town.
Wich I thought I own…but not.
I live in front of a church.
I hate it when every day play the bells headache.

And it seems that in this small town.
Everybody is dying downtown.
I wake up and step to my my little balcony.
And then I seem to see.

Another funeral car for the disease,
please!! this is traumatic,
you idiots left me un static
i just saw the fourth if i count right
and is not so bright
to look out your own balcony
and see agony.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Wassuuuup!! God.(pictures!!)

I´m going wild here, I´m a wild rider, I´m the lion chasing the gazelle, or the gazelle that needs something outside to motivate it to make it spring into action and run….but to a destination. Found my why long time ago, why, why is it that pushes me. Just saying, my brain is going rapidely and I´m just typing away to get away probably or not just love it that way. I´m just put it on in paper, paper-view! That´s cool. Every time I get a view or a hit I should get paid and then laid. Lately I masturbate too much and usually Frank Sinatra´s voice is playing in the background as I do my thing. It´s strange.

Wasssuuup God, don´t know if you´re up there or not. Sometimes I believe and others don´t. You´re like a woman to me, you´re damn confusing. Why do you let good people die and bad people live? Why not let all the bad people die, you created the earth so fuck it, it´s your job to make it better. People who really believe have told me that you had my path predetermined since before I was born. So I guess it´s your fault I dropped out of college, I went into the armyFoto 84,  I went to two fucked up countries and did your ultimate sin thereimages-5(yep that´s my crazy 24 year old version of me, still crazy though). Your fault I´m a drunk,Foto 28 although I´ve been sober for quite some months now, but have pancreatitis so that´s your fault,Foto 34(yep that´s me when I got out of the hospital after two months stay and 18 of them days in the freaking ICU, that´s as close my body really has been into shock or almost die than even in war zones,tha´s fucked up) why is my uncle dying and I have to sit and watch it day by day by day gettting weaker and weaker, that´s your fault too. You made me a fuck up. Someone had to be, go pic my nexdoor neighbour he pisses me off. So I´m me, and only me, so others are not me which is cool with me. The real me. Hahah, try that one, prompt: write a hole paragraph with as many “me” as you can. Or don´t do it,screw it. I´ll tell on you. To God, my man!