death poem

Rest in Peace Mom

R.I.P mother, in Memoriam.
3.44 a.m. June 15 2020.
You just expedite us bad people on earth,
but doing your own rehearse
we´ll get it done and gone
as you told us
like a faisty nun…. move forward!
Quite wierd seeing you, kiss you in the forhead and gotta move on,
dad was already awake when I called him and the rest is done,
you are gone,
but you were a crazy damn hell fire of a strategic missle to begun.
Rest in piece mom, and don´t give God too much of a hedeach.
Love you to death. Which seems it finally reached that point and me… yep you guessed it mom,
like the idiot just writing it in public, for the consumption, don´t worry mom
I´ll get some money out of this writing shit even from a nun.
Lets make our nice face more fun,
I promise I won´t fuck more things, I´ll keep focus
as you wanted. And your husband too, calm as always when I called him now, we´ll be good,
you have no idea the legacy you left us. You did raise me by your own, now I´m alone.
But no crying mom, I know you even got pissed off with me crying, me or father, not in us,
love you.

made peace with death

A long time ago I made peace with death. I don´t want to kill but I know,
the other people are going for my death. They,
can achive that purpose,but
I will defend me, ending his or hisees (that was plural) life.
I have to bee a mental thoughness?
Talking about ME…ME… what about my loved ones?
I choose this way of life which obviously includes the people around me,
to put myself in harmful situations yet I can handle it mentally,
not so much physically the directions…
Predictions? only with abreviations

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The great electric car

The great electric car
are, the new star.
Great for the environment, you’ll definitely make a great
difference on the environment by buying this expensive car,
are, you going to then give it to the Billion plus Chinese
or Indians, or Spanish, or… that car is a softly whore!
I want this!
Hard charger, noisy polluting beast,
making me manly and with a girl next to me handy,
handy for power. The other day I was in the hospital…smoking outside.
I see this incredible car parked, I think, “damn Charly, let it start that
beast of car”, the guy does and….I hear nothing, electric and actually gave me,
a headache, after that I was so nervous I had to eat a stake plus a big cake,
for my cholesterol to go out to the polluting stratosphere
and die,
with my stomach singing let it be-by.
Jeeeesus, I get it, pollution is bad,
don’t torture me day in day out,
let me walk about.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I don´t know much,
but as such…
Why in the world do these drug selling guys sitting outside my house we have a semi truce?
I´ll introduce,
me, years long after army days worked their businness,
that is why I write to God for forgivness.
And pray every day for my shitness.
They know what I have done, and what I have did to them,(alot of physical violence)
NEVER back down- never, Street things-
or Wall Street, Walmart blings and that is a life begins.
That came from my military days, you will die sooner or later,
hopefully die later,
but you earn respect, you fucking EARN it and normally is not easy.
Just a 0.57 am thougt. Which I bought.

Stay Frostt gents and gentesses.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Lost man

He lit his cigars with burning bills,
after his servants made him his breakfast,
while he watched through the window the rain falling fast,
a wealthy man indeed he became,
although his mind was not the same,
the war tore his mind,
that was the only thing he remind.

He had money but nobody that loved him,
in the end he tied a rope around his neck,
and was always remembered as a wreck.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Boudica the Barbarian

The queen of the British Celtic Iceni,
who brought deny-to the invading Roman Empire,
with blood lust and incomprehensible killings,
she dismembered those beings.

Cutting heads,
is how she better rests,
she was one of “The Woman” of her time,
I think that in 2018 you girls will be fine.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Her cancer?

Look at that pretty girl

The cancer went away
outside off the highway
she is a tough mother fucker
quite a strange saying since she is my mother
so good news to those under the booth
mama mama..i know you´ll be o.k
told you from the beginning
when it hit you smack in the face
that death could be in your eyes a disgrace
i was right
so this gives me a not drug high

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.