The man in black

Roaming around the dark streets was a man in black,
And he shot a man in the back.
He laughed, he cursed at the dead man
He started to strangle the dead body with one hand
Roger was his name,
He got arrested and senteced to die
He did not fear “little sparky”,
He sat down in in the electric chair
He grinned at the audience who were there to stare,
His last words, “I’m the man in black and as the
devil I will be back”.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Killer wasp

Sitting in front of the computer,
suddenly I hear “buzzzzzz!”.
I just cuss, and swap at it….with my hand!
Great idea with mental diarrhea.
I can see her eyes, her teeth, and suddenly
I feel like a sting but no, it’s her teeth on
my middle finger and I know she’s been through the wringer,
blood splatters over my computer, two minutes later
the cool medic animator has pronounced me dead for loss
of my precious blood now made a sauce wich the killer wasp
is at task drinking.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.