Judgement day

10th of November
Is what I have to remember
Entering inpatient clinic
For the alcoholic chronic
So…. You guys and gals have to suffer from
my writing in my form, then I’ll be off grid
so don’t get to depressed tha you won’t be able to read
my crazy mind and take some speed.

Ironically is the same day of the birthday of a girl
I met in wordpress, and she blocked me out!!!!….
Damn you evil woman I’m starting to shout,
it happens, she’s and intelligent, beautiful girl,
and she doesn’t understand my struggles, but you
still gotta love her, she speaks more to my mother,
wich she calls her second mother, she speaks almost
every day and that makes me happy since it makes my
mother happy. I know, you meet her in wordpress and
talk to her by phone, and it has been 5 years now that
I know this girl, she has no curl but she is great
person, she came to my parents house and she finally
sees me in person, she probably though “He is so hot!!”,
but she forgot that I’m absolutely not perfect, so that
was a downer for her.

Poor of my mother, she probably wished she had a child
that turned up like her, sorry mom, you got stuck with
this crazy band. Although I do know my mother, who else
in the world would still love me? Nobody except….

There goes the mom, in front of her addiction….yep,
chocolate, if it wasn’t for her, and it wasn’t always like
that, she actually stopped talking to me for years because
of my fuck ups, but that was the past. Ain’t my mother
a beauty, although I’m more sexy everything has to be said.

Judgement day, if this shit doesn’t make me stop drinking,
apart that I haven’t taken a drink for a week now, I can
finally get my act together and go to….London!
Freaking limes… winking at you

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

It’s sinking in

Slowly but surely
The reality is sinking in
I’m going to enter into a new world
Inpatient rehab hospital
Because I’m a drunk criminal
I still got to get hold
Of the person to I will be behold
She sounded nice by phone
A soothing motherly tone
She convinced me to take this new step
And make a 180 degrees change in my life
Hopefully after that experience I can really strive
They still got to tell me exactly the day
It might be today
It might be a week from today
But the reality is really sinking in
Kind of scary to see the world not drunk
No other option if I don’t want to keep being a stinking skunk

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.