Social Security Service… agent!

I do believe she is a good person, I wasn´t born yesterday had my “things” in life,
to say the least by the way. But I do still believe there are good people,
the woman that I call “my agent”, I know it is not a good idea to depend on nobody
but right now she is of help. Contacted me through e-mail, since she knows I have
no money to pay the freaking pre paid phone card, so Isabel is her name you´re the chief,
almost like a mother at this point to tell you the truth, she will call me not the
reverse which it is weird, normally you have to cry and cry to persons that work
for the state, no she actually calls me. I might do a lot of screwd up things but
I´m too decent also to tell you the truth, I can be a mean SOB, but in the heart
good person, like her. Although she is no dummy like me.
(Anything more to publish for the public? There you go.)


Mommy died, did not cried,
I was there until her end.
Situations happen,
I can´t sleep, I have to get drunk to go to sleep,( I´m a bored type of drunk, just calms me)
and I don´t eat, plus I smoke too much now got my great
self proclaimed girlfriend on my fathers Facebook calling me again and again….
Actually had 314 calls in one day from this nut case,
so it is not helping out the base.
Testing me? Attention please, how the fuck am I not freaking out?
I just block certain things, if not, I can´t put one feet in front of another,
called father today, he is good, and holy shit, we both ate the same dinner,
so I´m not adopted as he says, we actually watch the same movies. Kind of freaky by the way.

Point being- If you tell me I´m wrong and I am I will raise my hand and say yes. If you bullshit me
specially with legal problems I´ll fight you to the end and you will loose.
Familly first the rest is secondary,good to have a diary.

Living with a Buddha (diary)

I don´t know why I put in “diary” there, it´s always some sort of diary.
Now with the Corona, out goes the jobs, everyone if fucked.
I rent a room in a house with 4 others, although it does vary.
The one that seems to be permanent is this Marrocan guy next to me,
very nice man, he cooks real good, at least he has food so when he saw me
some days ago ( we all stick to our rooms not because of the Corona)
he gave me some food, he has no t.v, doesn´t read books, he has 4 walls
and still calm, you might tell him a nuclear bomb just exploded next to him
so he will stare at you as if… nothing. I actually told the guy, you´re a Buddha
you are not a Muslim ,(actually I didn´t say that but wanted to) He is too calm.
He believes in Allah and he said that is what keeps him sane. Something to that effect.
So maybe faith I don´t really know, I do know he is not perfect and have catch him doing
some not very normal things, as well as he knows my not normal things,
since I am not normal for sure. We had our altercation at first, but now we are good.
Jesus, every time I see him in the house that is…. If by nature I am already calm,
when I see this guy I go into some kind of Zen state of mind.

Read you all later you animator and more important innovators.

Wacking a catatonic

Sorry but don´t worry, I meant to say “waking” in the title of the post,
Out went one ghost
I´m sorry for glory… (just rhymed nothing in behind)
So why does this bitch calls me to tell me I´m alone?
Quite interesting, she is a whore if she fucks for money yet she seems
to have that obsession with me and calling me while she is fucking quite literally
or just literally, and in the meantime she finds herself in her weird mind
having pleasure that I´m alone in this Corona thing, is this girl out off her brain completely?
One off, (double meaning on that one) Good for you, you fucking spreading not only Aids but more Corona,
what you want me to tell you on the phone that is, “good for you, fucking while calling me?” I don´t know.
Second off, you did buy that book of mine, you seem proud to …try to fuck me not in the literal sense,
you think I was born yesterday? You fuck dummy. Actually you are that a dummy to fuck. The guys
use you and use them in that sense.
Third off…. I forgot got bored but got the message you? Now I tune off, and thank God I am alone
better be alone that with fucked up people. That even those I can do wiggle.( that a word?)

Sobering up

Not only talking about alcohol, although this Virus is actually helping me
to get sober from alcohol and other things in life. The virus can kill you…
How many times I have been in death and life situations? I forgot about the number,
it will come sooner or later. I do know this, HE (God) is looking after me.
I´m good to go.

(Think it was 4 posts in one day… out we tune off, read ya latter animator)

Father paper translation

re post… fuck that was hard to do by the way. You tell me if with all the variable in it…
I think I did add value. And thank dad for making my one neuron work. Evil this one,
I do appreciate all that you are doing. And you know specially to whom, and love you
although it might not be reciprical that I can understand. You´re a great man.

The repost!!!!

Yep, the crazy Priest had a translator job… yo hot!!!
A translation from Spanish to English…. fuck I´m not drunk!
I think it came out good in a general sense, or actually specific.
Did write my little notes there changhing names and… hit it!
Thank´s dad, you made a bit of my brain go to work. And he will use it I know that much,
It has been used in the past, so is no wonder. Yo dad! Love you.
Really do love you.

Putting the text he sent me in Spanish then the google translation and then my translation.

Estoy haciendo una prueba con un sistema automático de traducciones de Google para la nueva etapa, y expandirnos en los mercados de otros idiomas. Aquí te envío el texto que he escrito en español y la traducción que ha hecho el sistema de Google en inglés. Para que me digas si se ajusta al texto original o que tipo de fallos tiene.

Texto en español

España es una referencia actual de como una democracia entra en el desorden social, económico y político por el desastre de la gestión de su gobierno de socialistas y comunistas, de la crisis provocada por la pandemia del virus corona (COVI-19).

Al desastre de la gestión hay que añadirle el uso ideológico que hace de esta crisis el gobierno para cambiar el régimen constitucional desde dentro, e implantar un estado de índole totalitario. No en balde el marxismo utiliza el principio de desorden para subvertir el orden de la democracia liberal.

Esto se refleja en la vida cotidiana. Se implantan normas para impedir la libre movilidad de los ciudadanos, y se cambian constantemente en función de la edad, los negocios y tipos trabajos. Se obliga a cerrar negocios mediante criterios arbitrarios del poder utilizando como argumento las directrices de un superpoder desconocido hasta la fecha que es una comisión de expertos nombrada por el propio gobierno

Google translation….

Texto en inglés

Spain is a current reference of how a democracy enters thesocial, economic and political disorder due to the disaster of the management ofhis government of socialists and communists, of the crisis caused by thecoronavirus pandemic (COVI-19).

To the disaster of management must be added the ideological use it makesof this crisis the government to change the constitutional regime fromwithin, and establish a state of a totalitarian nature. Not for nothing theMarxism uses the principle of disorder to subvert the order of theliberal democracy.

This is reflected in everyday life. Rules are implemented to preventfree mobility of citizens, and are constantly changing independing on age, business, and job types. Forces to closebusiness by arbitrary criteria of power using asI argue the guidelines of a superpower unknown to datewhich is an expert commission appointed by the government itself.

My translation

Spain is a current reference of how a country enters into a social and political disororder due to it´s socialist government management disaster of the pandemic of the COVID-19

Do to the disaster of management the socialist government takes advantage of the ideological implications which is to change the constitutional nature of the country from within
(yo añaderia ” like the Troyan horse,” suele captivar mas a la mente) and establish a totalitarian regime.
Never the less as we all know through history,Marxism utilizes the basic principle of disorder to subvert the normal order of a liberal democracy.

This is reflected in everyday life, rules are implemented to prevent free movement (no “mobility”) of citizens and rules are changing depending on the age of each citizen and their job descption. Buisnesses are forced to shut down based on a higher entity that is unknown for the citizens but directed by the government.

Psychology one o one

Wax on Wax off, turn your mind to this then to that, then shut it.
Apart from my personal tragedies and all this Corona,
be Victoria (had to rhyme sorry)
I´m capable of that, I know it´s not for most normal people,
for me it is. Turn the abnormal not to normal,just accept it´s not normal
make it work.
Never let the head go nuts. They should study my brain process and how
I conciously and other times unconsciously train my brain,
I see the angles. Just deal with them, and most important swithch it off.

Today I actually think I went to bed for my mental thing, I couldn´t be
physically tired. I know that, but mentally it broke me.
I let it rest without thinking of nothing, literally I went blank, and now good.

Quite a story. I probably knew it before it happened, if not I wouldn´t train my
mind that way.

Tried to put the least words as I can in this wordpress thing
that I don´t know when the sentece is going to be cut and the rest, you know when you write
it in the so called private it comes out all sentences right in the line and then
you publish it and the fucking sentences got cut. End parenthesis, no double meaning.

Have a great day gents and gentesses.


You fucking
Me liking.. your falsehoody
Thank goodness I don´t have AIDS
Because of your decision mistakes
And mine….. decision was mine to have sex, or just fuck might be the word
I prefer to stay blind seeing the bird
You know that, what the fuck am I telling anything new?
I do believe the sky is blue

(don´t send me a text message or … you´ll probably figure out
how to fuck me even more with this social media thing, you still a bitch,
you do fuck with guys to pay the rent, nothing new here but a bit weird, but i love you,
got to have love…in certain occasions=) End parenthesis
( At least you got me to write something about, shout) End of the parenthesis.
(I should be smarter…. damn) And what the fuck the bitch told me she fucked me
when I needed it, that is perceptive on the other human brain, fuck me for being sorry for me?
And, what the fuck happened with the good old days that I was fucking left and right and the
girls would actually call on my door. We went down streamt.
Read you later you fuck, just making friends.

That is me(video)

But I am more prettier than that guy, the guy descibed me. Seems I´m not the only one,
7 a.m Spanish time, woke up at 5, wrote my incredible novel and at this time watching this
and I have no clue how these youtube guys made me end watching this, no clue how ended here.
Hey ladies I was in the military and I was great in bed, or that is what you all told me….
(Just dumping on you posts saved because of the freaquing quarantine also reading as most
I can, wich is a lot and a real pleasure)

The lesson is obviously to keep your act together. Still fighting that act.