dirty poetry

I got the solution!!!

I got the solution for Corona Virus,
people already are doing it so is no Einstein solution,
You have my self proclaimed girlfriend on my father facebook,
i got that hook plus others got your book.
Just see all the hookers! If she fucks for money by definition
without edition that is a whore, so the new venture is to sell them to guys that want to have sex
during this period of time.
They should make me president of the universe, hit the like button bellow please.


Trump, sorry I´m drunk.

You saw the picture?
It was a mixture:
Of simple clothes,
The other person upstairs will get(and I have no clue thank GOD) something and pull them to them up,
And she owns it? My great pieces of clothes I put up for the shine to sun?
So it seems there is no nun

Humans are born to be devises, like it or not, human nature. Nothing new to you nor me,
But once in a while a smack to be.
Sorry for people that think Trump is Hitler, I have my own brain (one neuron) and can see his
bullshit and most of the bullshit turns into nice reality.
That is humans gravity.

Fucking put the whole shit into a poem and short. I should get a medal.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

watch this video!

It is actually a metaphore for our lifes.( you can get out of bad situations if you practice your skills)
The soccer player doesn´t even touch the ball to make the scores.
By the way, now my mother with terminal cáncer loves him so she is
the one who got me watching this videos, you evil!
I put it to hear her laugh, she loves this guy. And actually who wouldn´t.
The more important point is that mommy laughs and for a certain time she
gets her mind out of what is her thing and enjoys the moment.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

You´re dynamite

You look starling
You are my darling

Yes, I know I´m in a phone booth
Or ¨rough¨

Fuck me…

Yes I was talking about you, the woman,
single and ready to mingle,
I did buy some of those springle

You are so hot
I even brought the cool dude out of his,
booth, told him how did you call,
hey, I´m not small,
so told him to tell me in english how you
call this thing,
he said ¨bling bling¨ but I didn´t fall for it
so after the spit is…
the ¨ place that you put one euro for one hour and you get internet¨
only for you
and your bub, as in boobie, hence I´m horny…. You´re dynatime.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The good sinner

I´m a sinner as you can see above
Fuking devil and no love

I was
A drunk
A faithful skunk

Every day
Perpetrating for others dismay

Seen the worst of humanity
There was some filthy gravity

Tought me the evil world
I did the curl

Now being aware
I got a new love, the world I see and do in dismay.

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.

hello baby doll

You had no problem sending me that picture baby
what an adventure we embark lady

You wanted something
i don’t quite do the understanding

we already did that mix

I did put you in a public forum
it’s quite a conundrum

You won’t even know since I never told you about the blog
so you can call this sort of a prologue

You are beautiful, smart….
you are a piece of art

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.