doctor love

I´ll stop with this shit

Just a kid…. I am a big kid, but you ever went to war? You ever…bla,
just mother again, and I should stop it before she stops speaking to me
I just met another mother, fucking bored with the inflicted Self impose Corona
By the way, you women are weird….. I can say and do the strangest things and you will,
will have sex with me, yo wierd duddesses.

Read you all later you freaks animator.

Just Bitches ( 18 and over)


Disclamair-you don´t see her face plus I will not say names
Disclaimer 2- now goes the beautiful poem, remember it is creative writing
that if for the police in case and for you all, the bitch…… hit it!

I love you
Because I hate your boob
Looking at my cock
It ain´t that smart
It´s bigger than your own fart
You know you love it
That is quite a bit
Suck and suck
But……I did do it with a duck (kind of freaky)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Short almost crazy life

Spend almost five years in the army and deployed twice,
loved it, if I was alone I would hate it, but there truly is
a brotherhood, not friendship… is different.

I killed, I was shot, nice scare by the way.

Got out of the army with a bunch of money, at least for me,
spend it, homeless, in jail, drug addcit. Broke some bones in civilian life
and they broke mine.

Now, that was looooooong time ago,

CANCER, that is what my mother has, in some sense I can see what she heard, and experience
when her ¨kid¨went to war.

My mother is the strongest person that I know, love her to death, but I see the weakness in her
body, her hair falling, and me I´m just a care takere, she doesn´t want to be alone,
so there I am telling her my crazy things but ¨churched up¨ and that is what she needs really
you punks, why did I call you punks? I´m in the drunks if not I wouldn´t have the nerve to write this
more than nothing she wants a person, that is me, lets say today is my day off after staying with her
2 weeks at least, so the point, bing bang boing…

A patient needs confort and I learned that in combat in battle and that I apply it to my mother
which by the way she can take you all on, tough as nails this woman, she´ll get trhought it,

P.S. I put myself on the pedestal….cool, sense of humour, my strange humour,
but humour is what I provide for her and she loves it, she actually in the first
time of my life tells me to ¨go with her and talk when she´s on the bed¨

Ps 2 told ya, the only fucking reason I write about this is because of my cool drunkness,
but at the same time tomorrow is my time to take care of her and she loves when the ¨kid¨
goes there, NO EDITING, JUST DRINKING, tommorow I will…..fuck shit cool.

Today my father took care of her, he saw that I also need an outlet, but tommorrow morning
I´m back with my mooooooooooooooomy, or MOMMY RAMBO

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

happy happy…pappy!!!

That’s me by the way, I just put some make up on and starting dancing the “giggy giggy”

Lets go under 300 words to the point so I don’t bore you.
So this woman that I met through wordpress 5 years ago she is actually gonna
visit my family, or my mother better said, I’m just the side kick.

She comes with her husband…..shit piss wank! Anybody who has read me for
some time they know I suffer from OCF (Obsessive Compulsive Flirt)
and I was telling my psychologist in the detox center exactly that,
that when I see a women my head goes directly in seeing her naked and in
bed with me, a hot one that is, so I have to have a problem I told her.
Guess what? The psychologist starts laughing her eyeballs, the way I said
it and all. She did comfort me that if that wasn’t the case she would be
more worried, so no I’m not gay it seems, nothing against gays the best
individual I have met was my uncle who was gay, but I see them as
individuals not put them all in a category.

She makes my mother happy, no wonder considering the son she has, and they
are actually inviting her to a trip to the south of Spain. I think my mother
is gonna say “fuck those idiots, meaning me and my father, I’m gonna go live
with these two good people.”

By the way, in Spain when you meet someone you give them two kisses one in each
cheek with women obviously, but I don’t know about the Indians, do I just shake her
hand? I don’t want to piss off the husband, plus even worst I don’t want to piss off
my mother, she already put a knife on my throat and told me “you better be at your
best when they come!!!!” Scared the shit out of me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.