dog lovers

The real war dog

Seeing documentaries about dogs utilize for war,
My conclusion is her and a door,
Tina is her name, yep, like the musician my mother loved, Tina Turner
Hence she got a war dog I call her “Madder the harder”
Freee fall from a plain? Repel from a helicopter? Bite humans? Sniff bombs?
my bro,
she is too cool for that.
she does have a way to maintain her postion in the couch and you better not move her,
if you do you can insult her and we gotta run out of the house without a blouse,
her job is to eat, shit, pee, and sleep in that specific couch, don´t try to move her
from that couch, you´ll heare here saying ” wwwaw…wawwww grrrrrrr”, some weird noises.
Scares the shit out of me those weird dog voices.
So it seems she wouldn´t be able to be a dog of war at the end, but I pretend,
just gotta love that creepy creature, and she will drive you nuts, as suchs,
around her hold your nuts.

I have ADHD

Hi guys and gals, I have been diagnosed by this idiot with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. But I think I’m normal.
Why should I listen to him when I’m biting his shoes? Or why should I listen to him or anybody
when I go into my “crazy” mode, well that is how he calls it and start running round and round and round
and hitting myself with the walls. No brother Charly, you are wrong.

He did tell me to say to Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, but screw him I’m not his slave, so see ya guys and gals.
I’m Tina by the way, just a little slip up to not introduce myself at the beginning but that does not mean
attention deficit.