dogs lovers

I can’t believe it

Yes, you see that freaking monster. My mother bought her one of those beds made by NASA but for dogs!!
The freaking dog sleeps in a better bed than I do.
Guess what, the monster was taken to what I call “massage parlor” for dogs. I didn’t even know they existed,
they givee them with special products since these bulldogs are very special, in the sense that they have a lot
of skin problems, massage them, bath them, Jesus….. They’re more delicate than my barbie….sorry the
secret is out.
I can’t believe how this dog lives……. she even eats the same food that we do, no wonder she later doesn’t
want to eat the dog food.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hi guys

Hi, my name is Tina,
I already introduced myself once or twice what’s with that?
So here I am chillin with my buddy
Man, the poor dude is loosing hair and he put on several or quite a lot
of severals pounds since he stopped drinking, but he says he is sexy….
I don’t know, it’s so and so.
At least the other day he gave me his food
O, and new ball for me to ripp apart
He’s not all that bad of an owner, still the poor bastard needs some improvement,
he never knows when I talk with him what I want, if I want to go pee or poppo, he seems
to day dream quite a bit
I think he goes in a catatonic state. I wonder….
Anyways I’m going back to sleep

He told me to say…. Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
What the hell does that mean?

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So here I am, in the morning
working the cigarette like a zing zang belive in what i stand
smoking is good i stand after in a bed that´s grand with the woman that i stand
Foto 313
as you enter the door or my room you see this, except without a dog usually
i am the normality
actually that is the woman
wich to tell you the truth is sort of superhuman
to the front of the entrance door
is my cool little nuke, as in nuclear where i do
….whatever i do there, i think it was writing but
go figure a picture, do you see anything strange there?
To your right as you enter the door is the..the this
after i get the girl and give her a kiss
Holy shooot snoot and and as you come out of the window you also see the
great church, and is great since the bells start ringing from 9 a.m every
freaking hour until 10 p.m so i might as well smoke dope and then eat ham
She came over and that was a great Discovery for her
the little freaking bear!
She wanted to see the priest and i did insist that it was me
she wouldn´t belive it
She wouldn´t believe it the little rascal
and thankfully she´s not a US Marshall i send her to sleep

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.