The real war dog

Seeing documentaries about dogs utilize for war,
My conclusion is her and a door,
Tina is her name, yep, like the musician my mother loved, Tina Turner
Hence she got a war dog I call her “Madder the harder”
Freee fall from a plain? Repel from a helicopter? Bite humans? Sniff bombs?
my bro,
she is too cool for that.
she does have a way to maintain her postion in the couch and you better not move her,
if you do you can insult her and we gotta run out of the house without a blouse,
her job is to eat, shit, pee, and sleep in that specific couch, don´t try to move her
from that couch, you´ll heare here saying ” wwwaw…wawwww grrrrrrr”, some weird noises.
Scares the shit out of me those weird dog voices.
So it seems she wouldn´t be able to be a dog of war at the end, but I pretend,
just gotta love that creepy creature, and she will drive you nuts, as suchs,
around her hold your nuts.

War dogs

She picked the scent!
I only gave her one cent
cheap dog this one…
English bulldog Americana!
can drive you a bit bannana

This is the current dog we have, miss her also with this Corona shit.

Just watching videos of the dog that was on the raid of Binladen, if it´s already hard to move, shoot, communicate,
and the rest, then reading the dog….damn, that wass interesting.
Hey yo! Yes you Tina, mother named her that as in Tina Turner one of her favourite artist.
Yo Tina! Hear? You actually have better teeth than me you behaviour missbehaviour.
Send her to prison, but a cool doggy prison not a regular one, is there some?
They should make them then, I´m an entrepreneur so…. people gave you an idea

The kid (65 word story)

As I heard the words come out of her mouth my heart stopped.
“Are you sure?” I asked her.
“I am.” She responded.
I’m going to become a daddy.
Questions flooded my mind, do they make a lot of noise? How much cost this and that?
I could feel my knees buckling, she just smiled and said,”its just a bulldog!”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

war dog

Let loose the dogs of war…. well,(that is some US Marines saying i think
I was in the Spanish Legion)
she is more of a diplomat
just read and snap
as you see she says hello
and I don’t even need a whore
point being….forgot, hold on let me think,
got it,

It is true that certain dogs will calm you down,
every time I pass through my mothers house there she is,
looking, staring, and won’t stop persuading me, she is
a bit of a nut case wich i can relate, but all the anger
I have inside she just smell it and makes me calm down.
She is, MY DOG OF WAR.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I can’t believe it

Yes, you see that freaking monster. My mother bought her one of those beds made by NASA but for dogs!!
The freaking dog sleeps in a better bed than I do.
Guess what, the monster was taken to what I call “massage parlor” for dogs. I didn’t even know they existed,
they givee them with special products since these bulldogs are very special, in the sense that they have a lot
of skin problems, massage them, bath them, Jesus….. They’re more delicate than my barbie….sorry the
secret is out.
I can’t believe how this dog lives……. she even eats the same food that we do, no wonder she later doesn’t
want to eat the dog food.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I’m sexy Tina!!

You like my teeth?!! You better, I’m the friend of Charly the Priest

is freaking hot here…..

just taking a nap now
sayyyy, wow!!!

I feel alone now,
and then this idiot comes around

That is not violece by the way, although I hope he is O.K
Let me see what I have here…..

Yep, mother is the great rather in stranger artinwhe….. so that rhymed.
And to top it,

The idiot thinks I’m with him…. damn with these humans.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hi guys

Hi, my name is Tina,
I already introduced myself once or twice what’s with that?
So here I am chillin with my buddy
Man, the poor dude is loosing hair and he put on several or quite a lot
of severals pounds since he stopped drinking, but he says he is sexy….
I don’t know, it’s so and so.
At least the other day he gave me his food
O, and new ball for me to ripp apart
He’s not all that bad of an owner, still the poor bastard needs some improvement,
he never knows when I talk with him what I want, if I want to go pee or poppo, he seems
to day dream quite a bit
I think he goes in a catatonic state. I wonder….
Anyways I’m going back to sleep

He told me to say…. Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
What the hell does that mean?

I’m hungry!!


Give me food
You idiot
Telling you on the spot
You give me some of that
Or I will cut your crap
Yo sayin?
Nothing little man
I’ m the girl that can over-stand
Better give it to me
You dumb and I have no problem to eating a bee
But as you well know
I want to eat that
Are you even asking what?
Yo dum…

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

For you lady

IMG_1477IMG_1472IMG_1385IMG_1227DownloadedFileimages-19Foto 105
All for the photos, and that is for mom, I think she obviousoly rmember those, not me in the uniform,
but the rest…you bet, hey mom! Remember those two dogs over there…. I was taking care of them, or maybe
not all that much but you know I have to say that in public.
Then we got this crazy ass girldscn2866
Freaking nutcase this one, do you only get dogs that are weird or what! Maybe like the so called kid.img_1061
That is not me……this is me, but you know the kidFoto 352
hold itDSCN2468 Remember this one…..
Anyways, fuck all that shit, since we are lloking in the future so i think this is the one, I guess
but I can be a bit of a mess…
love ya….sista!!!