domestic violece

I need adrenaline to stay calm

The title is weird, but is truth. The more people will try to
screw me, this happened in army days and todays,
I need it, but just to stay calm. Which is quite abnormal,
I can rationalize better and yes my mind works two times over you,
in the most part if they do try to really bring me down.
Quite interesting, specially if you know the enemy of that specific time,
you can maneuver. But why am I so calm? Has to be the genetics of my father.
That is a guarantee, I could be in the shit hole and live, survive, and
not mentally colapse. A thought this came after the so proclaimed girlfriend
in my father Face Book, he had to delete all her crazy messages about me.
Still calm, no worries for me when there are the fakes selling crazy things.
This woman purpose is to put me in jail, or social media jail or whatever,
just can´t. I just write this for or just in case it goes to court.

Wholy shit with the whore

The title was not good to earing
but if you really hearing
you know what this and then that, is
This woman tried alredy once to put me in jail,
she did actually,

Next call I have is her say “your are denouced” also
she might say ” you got me pregnant” ,
happens quite too often when I never been with her
which she said,
in the cool text message ubserverd other poeple do read it and heard.
Get the fuck out of here bitch, still trying to go at it you?
Then with your Aids (those guyse are brave) plus the Corona,
basically start all the things YOU are stalking on top of YOU,
get the fuck out of here, not scaring this man. Little Punck.
Yes, Mirian Lorenzo Calero. You will be exposed since you already
exposed yourself by going into my father Facebook. You did it yourself.
By the way it was not very nice what you wrote. Now trying to destroy me?
No, sorry, I know it makes you mad not get your way to put me in prison,
I will put you in prison some way or another but don´t bother I´ll get to it.
I have the whit, the smarts, you will pay… no not me as this message you sent,
it wil be you in the long run. Long rung.. Dummy, under estimate the mate.

Domestic violece(video)

I have been acussed once of domestic abuse, by a whore
(she does fuck for money) and had been aquited. Simple reason,
I didn´t do nothing. Now a days it seems the man is the culprit from the start
and to the end normally. This person, created a lie, I am thankful she did
not kill me ( and forget about Corona, she didn´t pass me Aids).
She did actually in numerous times take a knife out to stab me, she knows
how to hit and bite, so I got two scars in my right face.
She also went into my my fathers Facebook account, and said pretty weird things
to say the least. She is talking to the world (because of my fathers profession)
that I´m her boyfriend. Hope you read this bitch, you will I know it.
Take a lot of pictures also, don´t forget.

This does seem like a really freaky diary, yet is the truth. So it is open,
for authorities and most of all for you Miriam Lorenzo Calero.

You to have to have to know(although you a psychopath) the consequences of trying to
destroy other people, not only me.

You entered into an arena that you will regret unfortunately for you.
You will not destroy me as much as you like, take a hike.
If I did something wrong me as a man will admit it, but you taking advantage of me?
You will regret it in the legal matter that is.
(send you virus wich one? Are you sending?)

Her manipulaion Anything new at this point? Come on…. Remember Miriam Lorenzo Cabrero,
you started it by having a whole freaking phone ( quite amazing actually) of pictures
and videos of me, you did distribute that without my knowledge, hence there will be
repercussions. I´m sorry you put yourself(I know my situation) in that scenario.
You started your own little war, I will end it. On my terms and the legal way.