domestic violence

A life story

The name of the blog it is called Crazy Life,
I wirite crazy and this story for normal people is weird,
got this girl, that she herself proclaimed in my father facebook account,
really weird if you think about it, not really, she did text me I had her
pergnant…. my late mother (she died the mother on 14 June) mother told me
don´t´you cry bitch, she is just messing with you.
Now, still now Jeeeeesus, still keeps going with her threats,
not normal in my mind, but it seems to be normal in her mind.
Now you did create a person that will not tolerate this shit you are spouting,
it is all registered, literally, and this is no funny.
If she can´t win this way or that one, she will try to to a third time at this point.
Do not get me serious is my suggestion, if you go aganist me with false accusations
you will pay, as you already done by the way, so no wonder this person is mad at me.
She lodt for false accusations in a criminal court, only reason she lost is because
I told the the truth.


Definition- An ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through
repeated verbal physical and/ or social behaviour….. and it goes on,
It´s on the National Centre Against Bullying official website.

Point being. Why do this woman calls me still?
Why did she expose herself in my fathers Facebook proclaiming she was my girlfriend?
Specially in a Social Media platfrom that are people and experts about politics,
why would she introduce herself in that platform?
Is she so “mentally concern” because of my actions that she actually calls by phohne me to
call me, dumb, stupid, “mongolo”, while my mother is dying of cancer?
Is she so concern that she takes pictures from me and my mother out of the blog
to put it in her cell phone hence she can alude we had a relationship hence I send her those pictures
and try yet again try to put me in jail?
This crazy bitch won´t stop until she puts me in jail, yet it won´t be easy for you and I won´t even
name you this time, already did in other posts. Are you all that crazy? Seems there are bad people,
what a notice…. still you can try anything you want girl, but is not gonna work, you did make me
write about it though. Bullying as you well told me today after calling me and calling me, it is all
recorded by the way, as you told me “You know what Bullying is?” Again the same person that doesn´t stop calling me,
yes I do know, and it seems YOU are the one doing the bullying, bullying is not only a name that
is attached for women to use against men. You dummy, maybe in Spain she has the upper hand obviously
according to our court system, but I can not sit and wait for her little screwed head to put me in jail,
I have this platform and by the way she is taking too much time on this platform, but hell no,
remember YOU already put me through a trial? I was found not guilty since I was NOT guilty.
And years later after I don´t want anything to do with this girl that I actually barely know
she still comes after me. Talk about twisted, can´t you wake up and think something positive to do?
Is your life so messed up you can only think about how to screw me? And other humans I might add

Wholy shit with the whore

The title was not good to earing
but if you really hearing
you know what this and then that, is
This woman tried alredy once to put me in jail,
she did actually,

Next call I have is her say “your are denouced” also
she might say ” you got me pregnant” ,
happens quite too often when I never been with her
which she said,
in the cool text message ubserverd other poeple do read it and heard.
Get the fuck out of here bitch, still trying to go at it you?
Then with your Aids (those guyse are brave) plus the Corona,
basically start all the things YOU are stalking on top of YOU,
get the fuck out of here, not scaring this man. Little Punck.
Yes, Mirian Lorenzo Calero. You will be exposed since you already
exposed yourself by going into my father Facebook. You did it yourself.
By the way it was not very nice what you wrote. Now trying to destroy me?
No, sorry, I know it makes you mad not get your way to put me in prison,
I will put you in prison some way or another but don´t bother I´ll get to it.
I have the whit, the smarts, you will pay… no not me as this message you sent,
it wil be you in the long run. Long rung.. Dummy, under estimate the mate.

Domestic violence (video)

Having been accused, gone in to court and through the money apart from
sanity, I do remember the Judge hitting a piece of paper while I
was testifying, the paper felt in front of me and I just went down
grabbed it and put it on his table. Never thought about that twice,
just came to me. I also remember that at the end of the trial the judget said
” Gonna put in you prison for being stupid”.
Now, having the self proclaimed girlfriend bitch again, again, trying some maneuvers
and there are different variables on those maneuvers, like trying to shut or put
another virus on the computer, if this bitch doesn´t have the Corona virus
this fucking whore is luky.( She does fuck to earn a living hence the name is whore)
I have to thank you for not giving me AIDS. Thanks for that one.
Might as well say it in public. To protect me from her maneuvers obviously.
I doubt very mucch she can shut the wordpress account, I got other people working on that,
or get me in trouble again with criminal courts,
but just in case I will write it in public. Then shut my brain about this, and read some poetry.
(I extended myself too much so forgot about the video, but it does goes both ways.
Man to woman and the few women who do decide to be what they are really, they are even worst)
Plus that sothiopatic personality and I would say it translates to phsychopatic, they don´t
care, could care less about others. She will go to sleep like nothing, then put on
some weird freaky nice face and looks like an angel. Got to be kidding me I stumble upon
this one. Yet these people will always remember and obviously try to fuck you up.
Lesson learned- Choose very careful your choices you make in everything in life.
The definition of stupid-hit your head over and over again and expect another result.
Anything new here for you? Lets switch and read poetry.

I´m going serious(violence against women)

My great “ex-girfirend”, according to her words in my fathers Facebook,
she did proclaim it pretty outloud being my ·girlfriend”, plus trying to screw me in social media,
it is out there. I have nothing to hide for better or worst.
She is not the only one.
I do take it serious, yet again might laugh at it.

Simple reason to take it as a joke is because I know who I am and have done the right things.
(Not always obviously but certainly nothing of what she accuses me)

Now she sends me messages to the phone telling me that this post or that other post
or whatever other social media plus the phone… she seems like a hacker really,
the last messages was about, let me remind me… “I will fuck you up”, her words.

Spain is the only country in the E.U that built courts for “Violencia Machista”.
In English it is “violence against women”, I think is great actually, but some
women will use it to hurt you.

I am not the only one by the way.

If this person thinks that my posts in wordpress is about her, NO is the answer.
I just write crazy things in my creative mind.
She and more, will read this…. so what did I do wrong then?
Fuck you pieces of shit, I´m doing what I´m doing, you do what you do.
Not productive in my mind to wake up and think how in her or others world could add into yourself,
screw people up.

It is not in my brain, I prefer to wake up and see how I can improve myself
and that is my creativity in writing.

That is my testimony in public and the truth.

Now, she seems she wants to scare me so fuck that. Bring on the justice if there left some here in Spain.
But knowing a little, might as well put it in public just in case.

It´s good to hit women(video of hell)

Did I say that in the title?
I can go to prison, with no reason,
Can a woman say that exame thing and go to prison,
No, and pólice won´t investigate but with reason.
25 of this month, walking around the shit town
I guess, maybe not, don´t know, that the last posts are
a bit off,mental off,25th abused women day..and men? It´s not manly? Bitch
it is a reason since who you are around obviously affects you,
that has no relationship with hitting a woman.
I myself have been through the process, she just lied,
Even the judge told me “I´ll put you in prison for being a dummy”.
Like my mummy,I still got the sentece “Not guilty”.
Not pretty even the outcome was for me normal, not for my lawyer.
I´ll give her a prayer,
plus she is hot.
See? Writting about this dumb shit in this shit town only,
really the point is to not surround yourself with certain type of people,
but as a master equal,
I do live here so is kind of a mute point.
Not even going to read you, got back to drinking, cutt it off tomorrow?
I did it once and twice and it´s up to my devise.
Holy! I´m willing to say there are more points to be made here.